2020 Election Day: Biden or Trump – What You Vote For Changes The Lives of Sex Workers For Better Or Worse

2020 election

The president of America has a huge influence on people’s lives both at home and abroad, so whatever happens in today’s 2020 election, the outcome will matter to everyone. So let’s take a look at how the current party and it’s opposition considers Women and sex workers.

President – Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been in and out of the press more during his presidency term for more bad reasons, than good. Accused of sexual misconduct by at least 18 women and connections with child sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein, Trump also has a long and confusing relationship with the sex work industry.

Married to the First Lady, Melania Trump, formally known as Melania Knauss, had engaged in a number of nude photoshoots and appeared in numerous mens magazines from around the age of 25.

There were also reports of him hiring a number of Russian sex workers in 2013, where the video evidence is allegedly being kept by Russian authorities.

It also famously appeared in the press in 2018, he had an alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels in 2006. The Wall Street Journal revealed that the adult film actress received $130,000 for signing a non-disclosure agreement just a week before the 2016 United States presidential election.


President Donald Trump signed a controversial bill into law on Wednesday that targets online sex trafficking by holding online platforms responsible for user content related to sex work.

Taken from The Huffington Post

And as part of The CARES Act, Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, a $2 trillion relief bill passed by Congress to address the crisis, sex workers and many parts of the adult industry, like strip clubs, porn studios, and sex shops, have been excluded from receiving any financial help.

Businesses that provide services of a “prurient” nature are excluded from the multi-trillion-dollar bailout because of obscure federal regulation that lawyers say is an unconstitutional limit on free speech.

Taken from BuzzFeed News

Despite Trumps less than perfect history, and despite his use of sex workers, it’s clear that he does not have their best interests at heart.

Presidential Candidate – Joe Biden

Joe Biden also doesn’t have the most perfect histories with women, with 8 of them accusing him of acting inappropriately around them. Among them is Tara Reade, who accused him of sexual assault in 1993 while she worked for his office. As for the other seven, they said Biden’s behaviour did not amount to sexual harassment or assault. 

However, when it comes to protecting Women’s Rights, Biden has written the Violence Against Women Act, pushing for women to have a role in the military, and helped pass the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009. As for abortion, Biden wants to pass a federal law that protects a woman’s right to have one, in contrast to the wishes of Trump.

Vice President – Mike Pence

There doesn’t seem to be any connections with Mike Pence and sex workers, as for one he sticks by the “Mike Pence Rule” – where he does not dine alone with any woman or attend any event where alcohol is served without his wife. It’s a bit strange as it pretty much implies he wouldn’t be able to trust himself around Women without his wife present.

Pence however does have a very concerning view on Women’s Rights, more so to do with their bodies. Being a born again evangelical Christian, abortion is off the table, along with same sex relationships, and he voted against equal pay for Women three times. In 2017, campaigners already stated that he was the biggest threat to Women in a generation.

Vice Presidential Candidate – Kamala Harris

Harris had previously fought to also have Backpage shut down, despite efforts from sex workers to work with her office and explain why that would hurt more people, than help them. So it’s understandable for sex workers to be dubious of how Harris now feels, but it would be a mistake to underestimate the significance of her choice.


… Kamala Harris became the first mainstream U.S. presidential candidate to publicly state she supports the decriminalization of sex work. In an interview with the Root, the career prosecutor and junior senator from California was asked, “Do you think that sex work ought to be decriminalized?” She answered, “I think so. I do.” She later added that “when you are talking about consenting adults, I think that, you know, yes, we should really consider that we can’t criminalize consensual behavior as long as no one is being harmed.

Taking from the Washington Post

No other Democratic, or Republican candidate in the 2020 race has openly said he or she supports decriminalizing sex work, and all of the current senators who are running also voted in support of SESTA. Harris’ decision to support decriminalization represents a significant shift in the discourse around sex work for mainstream Democrats who have long avoided the topic. 

This 2020 vote is one of the most important and divisive elections in the history of America, and now more than ever, every single vote counts.

So make yours count.

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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