FANTASY: He gives up everything to serve superior Women completely

He signed the document with a flourish, committing himself to a life as a slave. It would be the last decision he would ever make. From now on, all his choices would be made for him.

It read:

I acknowledge that I am no longer a free man, that I must do whatever the Ladies require of me, and that I have no rights of any kind. All my possessions and money now belong to them.

“Good,” said the Wardress. “Your life will now be free from stress. You will find it so much better than having to think for yourself.”

He nodded. “I am grateful for this opportunity.”

She struck him. “That is the first lesson you must learn. Do not speak unless you are asked a direct question.”

Reeling from the blow, he dropped to his knees. “Forgive me, Wardress.”

She slapped him harder. “I told you not to speak. I can see we will have a great deal of work ahead. But over time, you will be moulded into the perfect slave.”

He nodded, eager to please.

“You must abandon your old name. From now on, you have no name. You are an object. We will give you a number. Sixteen.”

He nodded, his head bowed.

“You must also give up the right to wear clothing. You will be exposed at all time. Remove your clothes.”

He stood and undressed, folding his clothes into a neat pile on the chair.

“Here is your collar.” She fastened it around his neck. As it snapped into place, he closed his eyes in ecstasy.

“Whenever a Woman approaches, you will kneel and bow your head. If they give you an order, you will obey without question. Failure will be punished harshly. Do you understand?”

He nodded.

“You will never complain. There will be no contact with your previous life. You will not request medical attention. May I remind you that the document you have signed is legally binding and cannot be revoked.”

He had no wish to return to his other life. It was too late anyway.

“We do not care if you die. You are just a tool to us and can easily be replaced.”

He wanted to say, “My life is yours. I exist purely to serve you.” But he obediently remained silent.

“You pathetic man. Welcome to Female Supremacy. The right and true way.”

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

5 responses to “FANTASY: He gives up everything to serve superior Women completely”

  1. just started reading this, would be good to have pictures however it is an amazing piece of writing ,hs my mind ticking over

    • Demon Kitty says:

      Thanks for your great feedback, Patrick! I’ll try to add more pictures to future stories.

  2. Submissive Sam says:

    Wow, this sounds amazing. This will definitely be in my dreams tonight. Will there be a follow up story please?

    • Demon Kitty says:

      Happy to write more if folks are enjoying them!

  3. Pete72619 says:

    oh my goddess I love this but it’s too short! please write longer stories?

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