A deadly combination of savvy, bratty, seductively cruel and beauty. Meet Goddess Leah

Don't let her sweet appearance fool you

There is nothing I enjoy more than being pleasantly surprised by a beautiful woman! I saw that quite a few people I follow were following Goddess Leah, so I decided to give her profile a look. I saw this absolute beauty with lots of followers and I watched the video on her pinned Tweet. With a voice sweeter than candyfloss I thought ‘I understand, she’s gorgeous, no wonder subs want to submit to her’. But as I scrolled through her content and began talking to her, I realised that there’s a lot more than just beauty to this Goddess! This Goddess is as real as they get; savvy, bratty, but also seductively cruel -a deadly combination!

She looks sweet but there is more to Goddess Leah

How FinDom found her

While on Snapchat one day, she got a new follower asking her to demand money from them. This was how she discovered FinDom! Within the first day, they had sent her over £200! From that moment she knew she wanted to explore this world more! I really love the fact that while chatting, Goddess Leah called herself an “InstaDomme”. This is a term used within the community to describe gorgeous young girls who are approached on their vanilla accounts and offered money without any knowledge of the scene. Quite often InstaDommes believe that FinDom is just easy money and don’t know how to conduct safe play and learn about boundaries.

And yeah, Goddess Leah had been approached on a non-SW account. She didn’t know what she was doing. BUT – she did her research; learned more about different kinks and how to play safely. She joined multiple sites before joining Twitter and began doing Skype sessions. She really enjoyed these even found herself in a long-distance D/S relationship within a few weeks. Enjoying the power and empowerment of financially controlling her subs, she found herself skipping work in order to do more Skype sessions.

Her love of FemDom really shines through

A leap of faith

Within two months she took a leap of faith and quit her vanilla day job. What a ballsy move! But it paid off. Now… she’s not denying that FinDom takes time and energy, as any business does. But this is work she finds so much more fulfilling than her previous jobs. She especially enjoys playing with chastity. The control she has over a subs mind while they’re locked up is what she craves. She also enjoys creating debt contracts and fantasy blackmail with her subs.

One thing I love to hear is a Domme enjoying everyone else within the scene. Goddess Leah has really enjoyed building friendships with other Dommes and her pets/subs. She supports her fellow Dommes and enjoys seeing them succeed too. She’s not all cruel… well, not all of the time! Goddess Leah is continuously learning and growing with the changing world, and that is why she is one to watch!

To follow Goddess Leah and learn more got to Twitter: @GoddessLeah10

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Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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