A purr-lesque manor full of kitten fetishists?! You have Cat to be Kitten me!

Wow, I’m sorry about that title, but there was just too much to work with and I got overwhelmed. Anyway… part of my job here as a writer at FFFBuzz is to go out and seek out stories where female fetishists are out there stamping their authority on the world and generally being badasses. Doing this, I’ve talked to loads of Dommes and subs, all into similar stuff to me. But this was different. I have to be honest; I’ve never crossed into the kittenplay realm before. As a result, I was just so damn curious, I had to have a closer look.

Cute human kitties doing kitten things

So what is it all about?

Based in Colorado, Cat Girl Manor is a live-in plush house for young, beautiful, and kinky…em…cats. So, this is quite different from the standard dungeon by a country mile. And, contrary to what you’d expect; for once it’s not run by some Hugh Hefner type manchild with fat wads of cash and a penchant for exploiting young women. No, this isn’t a boys’ club at all!

Fronted by softly spoken “chateau Madame” Isibella Karnstein, Cat Manor presents itself somewhat like a sorority where friendship bonds are formed, and BDSM play is on the menu. That being said, BDSM isn’t the main focus of this establishment.

As they state themselves the vibe is sexual, but it isn’t just one big sex cult. It is strange though, seeing all these beautiful young women, transforming themselves into cats via some pretty elaborate costumes (think lingerie as opposed to furries) entertaining a very select few male guests, purring and cavorting around. And I’m thinking, ‘these lucky bastards!’ – on an average night, there’s 5 kittens/cats to every man.

So, the seediness that can sometimes be associated with your regular sex party can be quashed. Offers to engage in kinky play come in the form of a polite suggestion, not as a declaration. There’s a lot more than meets the eye at play here, and the whole set-up appears remarkably well thought out.

A gentleman playing with the kitties

Cultured and educated kitties

Like in the realms which most of us here move in, there’s also a form of social strata in place. Girls can find their niche as a more submissive type ‘kitten’ or move on up and establish themselves as a more dominant type, or ‘feral’. This process doesn’t just result from a choice being made, however. You need to earn your status, and this is done in the most unusual, but also ingeniously creative of ways – a finishing school. Yep, that’s right, one of those things that girls had to go through in the industrial revolution era in order to make them marriageable.

I think that Isibella has done something quite clever here. This appears more as empowerment than suppression, and she’s changed the context of the thing entirely. Sure, you learn things like painting, posture, and poetry – but it’s not for the purpose of merely entertaining the wishes of men. No, this is so you can level up and be a super well refined and astute badass Mačka cat! (If that’s what you want)

I might just run away to become a kitten

Needless to say, this whole concept has blown my mind wide open. While researching Cat Manor I’ve been confused, doubtful, sceptical, amused, and I’ve come out the other side of it intrigued! This was also helped along by the fact that each room has a champagne button that you can press anytime for a boozy room-service.

So, if any of you are reading this and notice that I haven’t posted an article for quite some time, you know what’s happened – I’ve left to become a cat.

If any of you are as curious as I was, here’s a link to their homepage. www.thechateau.org

You can also follow their YouTube page in order to get another glimpse inside The Chateau.

You can also find interview videos on Vice

And you can follow them on Twitter too: @CatGirlManor

Let us know what you think of this kittie cat paradise? Would you like to join The Cat Manor?

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

3 responses to “A purr-lesque manor full of kitten fetishists?! You have Cat to be Kitten me!”

  1. This would be my paradise, how can I get my foot in the door. I’m a 38 year old man but what I mean is like I want to spend some time here!!! I love beautiful women and I’m a cat person.

  2. Submissive Sarah says:

    Ooohhh I want to go buy some kitten ears asap! This looks like so much fun!! And I’d love to do their finishing school!! So elegant!

  3. Kathy the Cat Lady says:

    Sign me up!!! I’ve always loved kitties and often let out little meows when I think no one’s noticing. I’d love to crawl and play with the other kittens.

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