A to Z of fetishes: A is for aliens, amputees and anime

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This one is often described as a fetish for mobility aids such as braces, casts or wheelchairs, but it also describes the attraction to people who rely on such aids.

Beautiful Woman in a wheelchair drinking wine


A sexual interest in amputees. Legs are more popular than arms, single amputations more popular than double, and stumps more popular than no-stump amputations. Its counterpart, a fetish for being an amputee, is apotemnophilia.


For some, heights induce vertigo. For others, it’s tingly-bits time.


A fetish for circumcised penises – not just a preference, which is much more common.

Adult baby syndrome

It’s a fetish for playing the role of an infant, and it might include wearing nappies or drinking from a baby bottle. In some cases, there’s an overlap with fetishes for masochism and humiliation.

Baby man with pacifier in mouth looking at camera


Taking that time for both the Dom and sub to be able to come back to reality, to prevent emotional after effects for both participation”


It’s sexual attraction to mannequins, statues, dolls or other figures and it doesn’t necessarily require sexual contact.


Getting off on fake violence – such as role play where one partner pretends to struggle – or on items associated with violence such as boxing gloves.


Agrexophiliacs are like shy exhibitionists: they don’t want others to watch them having sex but they want other people to know about it.


Sadism or masochism: a fetish for inflicting pain on yourself or on others.


The attraction to dressing up as an alien or being with someone who is dressed up or acts like an alien in the bedroom.

Human dressed in alien-like attire


Needing to fantasise about someone other than your partner in order to orgasm.


Sexual attraction to tummies.


A fetish for high heels: looking at them, wearing them, and perhaps doing things to or with them.

High heels on a Woman


Requiring sexual partners of vastly different height to you.

Tall Woman, small man


A fetish for human-esque robots, or of humans pretending to be robots.


Every guy has a MILF (Mother I’d Like to F*ck) fantasy.

Finch and Stifler’s mom in American Pie Movie (1999)


Being sexually aroused by characters in these animations that falls outside of the social norm


A fetish for flowers.


Arsenosadists get off on seeing men suffer – not inflicting pain or humiliation, but seeing men endure it.

Ass Fetish

Being addicted to the ass of your superior, the shape or the way it moves can send a sub wild.

Audio Only / Acousticophilia

is a sexual fetish defined as sexual arousal or excitement caused by sound.

Headphones on a sexy Woman


Is the act of oral stimulation of one’s own penis as a form of masturbation. 


The act of a human being having sex with a bird, and possibly killing it for sexual gratification.


Armpit fetishists have maschalagnia; but if they do the deed, it’s Axillism – or “bagpiping”.

Armpit with a little hair

Some references made from Metro.co.uk A-Z

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  1. BetaDeltaSierraMike says:

    I couldn’t help but have a laugh at the aptly named ‘bagpiping’ – must… resist… Googling.

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