A to Z of fetishes: D is for daddies, death and diapers

a to z of fetishes D


It stands for domination/submission, and the lower case ‘s’ is deliberate. It’s when consenting adults take roles of dominance and submission respectively, with one partner surrendering all control and power to the other. For some, it’s a purely sexual thing; for others it’s a lifestyle. But for both kinds of D/s relationships, everything is safe, sane, and consensual.

Dacryphilia / Dacrylangia

Dacryphiles, for most, the arousal comes from seeing others cry, but for some their own tears can be arousing too.

Close up portrait of crying young man looking away


A daddy is a dominant male, usually in a BDSM scenario, who takes care of and also disciplines another adult playing the role of a little girl or boy. The key word here is ‘adult’: it’s not connected to incest or children. Some females also enjoy taking on the role of daddy for the same reasons as above.


In much the same way that funerals can make us want to celebrate life by getting it on, some people are turned on by the thought of their own death – either naturally or by being killed by someone else. Provided the person doesn’t have depression or other mental health issues, this can be explored safely.


Delphinophiles are turned on by dolphins, and some of them want to get physical with our aquatic friends. It’s also against all kinds of animal welfare laws so this remains fantasy only.


Also known as arborphilia, dendrophilia is when you are aroused by cuddling trees.

Denim fetish

Arousal from watching someone wear denim

Woman in denim jeans


Dressing for pleasure. Wearing specific kinds of clothing or specific fabrics to enhance sexual stimulation.

Diaper fetish

Wearing diapers or enjoying others wearing diapers

Woman wearing a diaper


A fetish for having the female partner look and act like a doll. It’s an unusual form of submission and, in some cases, might even involve surgery to make the woman look more doll-like.


It’s sexual arousal from fur, a fetish made famous by the book Venus In Furs in the 19th century.

Double Domination

When two Dommes dominate a single submissive. Double the pleasure means double the pain.

Dumb Blonde Fetish

The attraction of liking someone who appears to be dumb and blonde


A fetish for people with mental or physical impairment. This can be a tough one for partners, who may worry that they’re being objectified rather than loved for the person they are.


If you’re a dracophile, you’re sexually attracted to dragons.

Some references made from Metro.co.uk A-Z

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