A to Z of fetishes: E is for edgeplay, executrix and exhibitionism

a to z of fetishes E


Electrophilia is a sexual fetish that revolves around electricity and electrical stimulation. People with electrophilia, known as electrophiles, enjoy fantasizing about or receiving electrical shocks to their body, especially to their genital region, anus, and nipples.


Edgeplay is a BDSM fetish taken to extremes – the ‘edge’ here is the edge of safe, sane and consensual, with one partner pushing the other to the very limits of what they’re willing to do or have done to them.


You’re more likely to meet an emetophobe than an emetophile: emetophilia is sexual arousal from the sight, smell or sensation of vomit.


A fetish for clothed sex, with one or both partners fully clothed.

Male and female in a warm embrace kissing


Having an attraction for your superior being from England and admiring their accent.


Sexual attraction to teenagers, but not post-teen adults.


People with eproctophilia have a fetish for flatulence and farting!


It’s a lot easier to say ‘erotica’: erotographomania is when you write about or draw sexy things in order to get yourself off. The ‘mania’ bit means a compulsion.


It’s a fetish for murdering people, it’s finding sexual release in the thought and, in some cases, act of killing another person. Remember this is just fetish, and is not encouraged in reality. This should only be played with someone you trust completely.

Evil stick

(much like a cane) – Consisting of a thin rod, often of carbon fiber, typically about the diameter of a mechanical pencil lead, attached to a small, rigid handle. The rod is flexible and very strong!


In which the thought of a Dominatrix ending your life arouses you. (Please note that this should only be practiced by safe, sane and consensual individuals and “life-ending” is only a fantasy, not reality)

Woman standing with a “bloody” knife over a man’s body


All about being sexual in public. It encompasses flashing, public nudity, public sex acts and anything else that’s likely to get you banned from the local park. As the old joke goes: Two exhibitionists are sat on a park bench. ‘It’s nice out,’ says one. ‘Yes,’ says the other. ‘It is.’


The incessant sexual arousal from visual and tactile stimulation of the eyeball, iris, pupil, cornea, tear ducts, eyelashes and eyelids

Beautiful woman with piercing eyes

Some references made from Metro.co.uk A-Z

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Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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