A to Z of fetishes: F is for Fat shaming, female supremacy and fishnets

a to z of fetishes F

Face slapping

It’s often part of a wider BDSM fetish: to be on the receiving end is to reinforce the dominance/submission dynamic by having the dominant partner humiliate the submissive.

Man having his face slapped

Fat Shaming

Or Fat Humiliation is the act of poking fun of someone for being overweight, or telling someone they are worthless, useless, lazy, or disgusting because they are overweight.

Fear play

Another subset of BDSM, fear play is when somebody is aroused by being terrified. The cause of that terror differs from person to person, but may involve quite extreme scenarios such as kidnap.

Woman in kidnapping scene. Image credit: Boundfiction44


A lot of guys are CRAZY over plus size ladies. The bigger, the better. A “Feeder” will feed food to a “Feedee” and become aroused over how much weight they are putting on.

Woman feeding a plus sized Woman

Female masking

A kind of cross-dressing where the man wears a silicone or latex mask in order to look more like a woman, although sometimes the effect is more peculiar than pretty. Part of the appeal is that it enables the man to ‘look through the eyes of a woman’.

Female Supremacy

The belief that women are inherently superior to men, and that society should reflect that.

Women walking in high heels


Female Led Relationship. It’s the future boys. Get on board.


Short for Female Domination, femdom is a very specific BDSM fetish about being dominated by a woman or women. It’s usually but not always a male fetish, because it’s a reversal of how the world usually works: in a patriarchal society like ours men tend to be the bosses, not the ones being bossed around.


Another cross-dressing fetish, usually prefixed by ‘forced’: it’s typically associated with female domination and humiliation. It’s not the same as cross-dressing, where the enjoyment comes from the clothes; in feminisation, it’s the submission that’s exciting. Once feminised, the man may be ordered to act in stereotypically feminine ways, or to take a female role in sexual activity.

Financial domination

Financial Domination is the fetish/fantasy/lifestyle act of a submissive with their finances (giving money) and a Dominant taking or demanding finances (receiving money). No service in exchange for money is given. Often she will either ignore him, or verbally abuse him alongside this pay.

Fire Play

Any of various sexual practices involving fire, such as setting fire to alcohol against the skin

Woman playing with fire

Fishnet fetish

Exactly what you’d expect: a fetish for fishnet stockings.


Whipping or flogging. Not for amateurs, or for environments that aren’t safe and sane and safe-worded.

Sensual woman in black lingerie holding a whip


Sexual arousal from flatulence and farting. Also known as eproctophilia.

Food play

Using food in an erotic way, whether it’s blindfolded strawberry eating or WAM (Wet And Messy) fetishes where people get off on seeing their partner covered in foodstuffs. Not to be confused with food fetishism, which is arousal from watching others eat.

Woman being fed a chocolate on the end of a crop whip

Foot Fetish

Exactly what it sounds like, a fetish for feet. They way they look, move, arch, flex, wrinkle, how the toes are painted or spread apart from each other. It then extends into things like trampling (being trampled by barefeet) and foot jobs.


A fetish for being crawled upon or nibbled by small insects.

Freckle fetish

A fetish for people with freckles.


The love of frottage, where two people’s body parts are rubbed together. Frottage is a sex act – it describes all kinds of things, such as putting the man’s penis between the woman’s breasts or non-penetrative ‘dry humping’ – but frotteurism is a fetish for doing it to other people without their consent, often in public where they can pretend it’s accidental.


Furries are people who are interested in animal characters with human-like features, and their interest isn’t always sexual. Furry fetishism is, though: it’s a fetish for having sex with people while dressed as such a character, having sex with other people who are dressed as such characters, or having sex with stuffed animal characters.

Group of people dressed as furry characters


In popular porn culture, a futanari is a person with the physical qualities of both male and female.

Some references made from Metro.co.uk A-Z

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