A to Z of fetishes: G is for giants, glasses and gloves

a to z of fetishes G

Gas masks

A sexual arousal by or sexual interest in the sight of seeing someone wearing or taking off a mask. True mask fetishists require that the mask be present. It is the controlling factor of sexuality.

Man wearing a gas mask whilst dressed in latex


It means sexual attraction to elderly people. Not to be confused with sugar daddies/mommies, which is an attraction to elderly people’s money.

Giant fetish

Giant fetish or macrophilia is when you’re turned on by giants.


Giantess porn is a kind of giant fetish where somebody gets off on giant women. In porn, that often means videos of giant women stepping on people or sticking them where the sun don’t shine.

Glasses fetish

is a sexual arousal or sexual interest incited by the look of glasses. Dedicated to secretaries wearing glasses, librarians wearing glasses, teachers wearing glasses etc.

Two cute Women wearing glasses

Glove fetish

A fetish for gloves. Could be leather, satin, medical or cleaning gloves, each have their own relationship with the fetishists, or can be seen as symbolic.

Women wearing long leather gloves

Goddess Worship

The act of where the submissive worships their Mistress in a way of a higher being.

Goo fetish

Also known as a slime fetish, goo fetish is when you’re turned on by having gooey substances on your skin.

Gothic fetish

Being attracted to someone who dresses in gothic clothing, or attracted to someone’s gothic persona

Gothic Woman with red hair

Gun fetish

A fetish for guns: real guns, fake guns, gun-shaped dildos etc


It’s being sexually aroused when naked or when others are naked. It becomes a philia when it becomes more extreme and focused on the nudity rather than the person who’s nude.

Gynecophilia /

Gynecomania Gynecophilia is an alternative to the much more familiar homo/heterosexual labels: it means sexual attraction to women, and it’s applicable to lesbian women, straight men and bi men and straight women alike. The philia becomes mania if it’s obsessive, something that’s largely limited to straight men whose behaviour towards women is inappropriate or extreme.


A term from the fun world of identity politics that’s used to describe sexual attraction to women and/or female-identified people.


A bit of a mouthful, this one: it’s the rather clunky word to describe intense attraction to men who look, act and dress like women, whether they’re trans, non-binary or cross-dressers. It’s not purely a desire for femininity; it’s the combination of a male body and female appearance that gets the motor running.

Some references made from Metro.co.uk A-Z

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Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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