A to Z of fetishes: H is for hands, head shaving and humiliation

a to z of fetishes H


Extreme arousal from being touched. The touch needn’t be to an erogenous zone: haptephiles love being touched pretty much anywhere.


Whether it’s tied in ponytails, braids or pigtails, up or down, long or short, every person has their own specific preference

Hand over Mouth

Using the hands to smother the mouth and nose.


For some people can very erotic. Just by looking at them can turn them on instantly

A Woman’s beautifully manicured hand


Also known as scat, hardsports are sexual activities involving faeces and exposing participants to an A to Z of possible infections.


A burglary/robbery fetish.


In tech, it means high-definition. But in sex HD is short for humiliation and discipline. It’s another subset of BDSM and covers any kind of degradation: being verbally abused, being spanked, being ordered to do things, like being humiliated in public.

Head games / mind fucking

This one’s all in the mind. It’s when BDSM scenarios are carried out psychologically rather than physically, and while it’s generally harmless, it can be problematic for people with fragile emotional states.

Head shaving

Aka Trichophilia. While a shaved head on a man relates to virility, a shaved head on a woman typically connotes androgyny, especially when combined with traditionally feminine signifiers.

Height humiliation

When the submissive is shorter than their superior and the superior always humiliates them because of it.


Blood, sometimes but not always in the context of a vampire fetish.


It’s sexual arousal from religious objects, people or places, and might involve masturbating in church or with religious items.


When hairy men or just hairy armpits are a turn-on, it’s called hirsutophilia.


Being turned on by travel to new or weird places.


Getting aroused at the thought of your home being wrecked by a superior or getting turned on when the superior wrecks the submissive homelife.


Some hoplophiles use firearms as sex toys externally or internally.


It may seem harsh, but it can be a great source of pleasure for some people. It being an emotionally intense experience, means it should only be used on a consenting and understanding partner.


An intense attraction to the most dangerous criminals. It’s believed that most women with this fetish have very low self-esteem and are either attracted to the criminal’s notoriety or believe that they alone can help them.


Is sexual arousal from bodily fluids, although it’s often renamed if there’s a specific fluid involved. So for example, if you’re turned on by tears, you have dacryphilia. Some fluids involve significant health risks: as a rule of thumb if most people think it’s “gross”, it’s potentially bad for you.

Hypersexual disorder

It’s when somebody’s sexual impulses or activities become damaging: repeatedly taking sexual risks; using sex or porn as a way to cope with depression or anxiety; spending too much time thinking about or acting on sexual impulses. It’s not the same as really liking sex: it’s when somebody’s sex drive is out of control. This is more commonly known as “sex addiction”.


Arousal from touching hair, fabrics or skin. If it’s specifically animal fur or skin the fetish is known as doraphilia.


This is actually a condition: it’s when people aren’t interested in sex, usually because of a problem with their genitals. People with the condition may not be bothered by the idea of sex, or they might find it repulsive. There’s an exact opposite to hypophilia, which is hyperphilia: it means liking sex a lot more than the average person.


You may know this one by its more popular name: auto-erotic asphyxiation. It’s a strangulation or suffocation fetish and the reason you’ve heard about it is because if it goes wrong, it can be fatal. A milder form of this is known as breath control and it’s practiced in some BDSM relationships.

Some references made from Metro.co.uk A-Z

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