A to Z of fetishes: I is for ice play, impregnation, and ignore


Sexual arousal from looking at statues, pictures or paintings of naked people. It’s specific to art rather than any old nude pictures, and it generally describes men whose interest in specific paintings or bronzes isn’t for artistic reasons.

Ice play

This can range from an ice cube on naked flesh to full immersion in freezing water. The former is harmless, but the latter can be dangerous.


People with idrophrodisia are turned on by the smell of sweat, particularly from the genital area.

Woman with sweat under her arms


Sexual arousal from exposing yourself to a doctor or other medical staff.


Fetish for being simply ignored by a superior when the submissive desperately wants their attention.

Impregnation fetish

Being turned on by the risk of impregnation. The fetish here isn’t about becoming pregnant; it’s about having sex where there’s a risk of impregnation, for example by deliberately avoiding contraception.

Pregnant Woman lying on a bed


It’s sexual relations with people you’re biologically related to, usually immediate family. It’s a universal taboo that appears in most human cultures throughout history, and it’s believed to have roots in evolution: inbreeding can preserve ‘bad genes’, resulting in offspring with a reduced chance of survival. The fetish for incest role play or pornography is because it’s taboo.


Infantilism is the desire to be treated like a baby, and may involve bottle feeding, eating baby food, wearing nappies and other babyish activities. For some it’s a purely non-sexual activity, but for others, the baby ends up involved in some very adult activities indeed.


This is an umbrella term for multiple fetishes, all of which have inflatable items in common. People may get off on bursting balloons or inflating them, others from letting the air out of inflatables and still others from being inside inflatable suits.

Man inside inflatable suit

Insect fetish

Entomophiles are aroused by the thought of having sex with insects, melissophiles are turned on by bees and formicophiles like crawling insects such as ants.

Ironing Fetish

Either an individual plays the role of the ironing board with a towel or silk draped over them first, or a Dominant demanding their submissive to do the ironing for them as punishment or a domestic chore


Blocking out the outside world can make even the simplest things considerably more powerful, and isolation is often found in BDSM scenarios in the form of hoods, blindfolds and even headphones.

Some references made from Metro.co.uk A-Z

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