A to Z of fetishes: J is for jeans, jodphurs and jerking off

Japanese rope bondage

Often described as Shibari or more accurately, Kinbaku, Japanese rope bondage is a type of BDSM where a person is tied with rope. We’re not talking the knots you learned in the Brownies or Cubs here: it’s a very intricate discipline with emphasis on the visual appearance of the ties and tied. Some admirers and practitioners see it as an art form, and not even a sexual practice or fetish.

Woman in bondage ropes


In general Japan is the go-to place for articles about weird fetishes and/or sex acts: nowhere else in the world seems to produce things such as tentacle porn, erotic flossing videos or mass groping on trains and buses.

Attractive Japanese woman lying on grass

Jeans Fetish

Clothing fetishism or garment fetishism is a sexual fetish that revolves around a fixation upon a particular article or type of clothing, for example denim jeans. People enjoy the personal aspects of raw denim and how it molds to a body, fades the way you move, and how it goes from cardboard to the most comfortable things you could have on your legs.


Also called breeches (English riding pants) in their modern form, are tight-fitting trousers that reach to the ankle, where they end in a snug cuff, and are worn primarily for horse riding. Again these are fetishised for their fit and also when adding to the fantasy of horse play/pet play.

Woman wearing a typical equestrian outfit, namely jodphurs


First, there was POV (Point of view) – videos that are filmed to show the action from the protagonist’s point of view. But that wasn’t niche enough, so people came up with JOE/JOI instead. The acronym is short for Jerk Off Encouragement / Jerk Off Instruction, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: somebody on camera encouraging or instructing you to do the five knuckle shuffle. It’s mainly for men, but JOI for women does exist.

Some references made from Metro.co.uk A-Z

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