A to Z of fetishes: K is for karate feet, kissing and knives

a to z of fetishes k


Powerful Karate style feet used for kicking, placing in mouths, anything to signify strength and dominance.

Woman demonstrating the art of karate


A fetish for mirrors: having sex in front of mirrors, touching yourself in front of mirrors, stripping in front of mirrors, having group sex in front of mirrors.

Woman lying seductively infront of a mirror


Wearing anime masks, specially men who wear masks of women.

Woman wearing a mask of another Woman


A sexual arousal from human exercise and movement. The human could be you, or it could be other people you’re observing, and the fetish can be very specific.


A kiss is a ritual, formal or symbolic gesture indicating devotion, respect, or sacrament.

Kleptophilia / Kleptolagnia

A kleptophile is a kleptomaniac who gets off on the actual act of stealing: the thrill’s in the theft, not in the item that’s being stolen. That’s not the case for a someone with kleptolagnia, though – that’s when the item being stolen is used for, or imagined being used for, sexual purposes.


The term was coined to describe people who get sexual pleasure from enemas.


Knife play is a subset of BDSM, and can involve deception – so somebody might be shown a sharp knife, blindfolded, and then the sharp knife is swapped for something that couldn’t cut butter. Like all so-called edge play activities, it’s potentially very dangerous and should only ever be sane, consensual and safe with somebody you trust absolutely.


Where the thrill is either tickling or being tickled.

Some references made from Metro.co.uk A-Z

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