A to Z of fetishes: N is for nipples, noses and nylons

a to z of fetishes n

Nail Fetish

The sound of them tapping on a hard surface, the shape of them can send a submissive into overdrive .


Where you get off on hearing sexual or pornographic stories or terms, either spoken by a partner or via recorded or live media. The fetish is specifically for audio – the visuals happen inside your head.


When you lick or suck your partner’s nose and possibly even eat their nasal secretions.

Close up of a man’s nose


The rare but famous desire to have sex with dead people. It comes in three bleak flavours: fantasy, where the thrill is in imagining sex with dead people; plain old necrophilia, where somebody has sex with dead people; and necrophilic homicide, where somebody kills someone before having sex with them.

Ninja fetish

Not to be confused with ninja sex, which is when you have sex in silence because you don’t want others to hear you, ninja fetish is an extremely niche fetish for women dressed in ninja-esque outfits or masks.

Nipple Fetish

The act of the nipples being played with, sucked, licked, or clamped, can turn a submissive into overdrive.


Is arousal from normality, custom or tradition and was coined by sexologist Professor John Money to describe people who only get turned on by things considered normal by their religion, culture or tradition. It’s the opposite of paraphilia, which is arousal from things ‘normal’ society disapproves of.

Nose Torture

A subset of BDSM, most commonly involving a ‘nosehook’ inserted in the nostrils and pulled backwards for the purpose of causing pain and humiliation.


This isn’t actually a fetish but often characterised as a fetish, nullos – aka smoothies – are eunuchs, men who are not trans but who have their testicles removed voluntarily. It’s not a fetish, though – it’s a variation of skoptic syndrome, a form of body dysmorphic disorder.


Often used to describe a non-sexual preference for darkness or nighttime, but in Segen’s Medical Dictionary it’s specifically about ‘sexual arousal that is driven by or enhanced by darkness or the night’.

Nylon fetish

A common clothing fetish for tights or stockings.

Women standing in a row showing off their nylon stockings and pantyhose


The modern term is hypersexuality, or the more commonly used sex addiction – but nymphomania is a usually elevated sex drive. It describes people who have a compulsion or obsession with sex that can get in the way of their everyday life, but does not mean that they actively participate in sex.

Some references made from Metro.co.uk A-Z

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