A to Z of fetishes: V is for vampires, veils and virgins

a to z of fetishes v


Sexual attraction to vampires, or people pretending to be vampires.

Female vampire drinking a glass of blood

Veil fetish

Veils are fetishised not just as an item of clothing but what they represent: think burkas, harem veils or bridal veils.

Velvet fetish

Fetish for velvet clothing or items. The feeling and texture of this material can be very arousing for some

Verbal Abuse

During verbal humiliation, the submissive partner is verbally demeaned by the dominant.

Verbal Humilation

While verbal humiliation may seem cruel to an outsider, this type of interaction should always be consensual among BDSM couples. Verbal humiliation may be used during play and punishments.


A fetish for hearing about other people’s sexual experiences. This one requires the person sharing the story to be the person who experienced it.


Being turned on from being tied up.

Tied up female. CREDIT: Fine Art America

Virgin Humiliation

While female virginity is seen as a virtuous and pure, male virginity is often mocked and ridiculed. Male virgins are seen as un-masculine, socially inept and undesirable, and must remedy this “lack of worth” by having sex as soon as possible. This aspect can make it very humiliating for males and can be used in humorous play.

Vomit fetish

Exactly what you think it is. A dominant person who makes clients vomit is a vominatrix.

Vorarephilia / Vore

Don’t try this one at home: it’s illegal and tends to end with somebody dying. It’s a fetish for cannibalism, either as the cannibal or as their dinner.


Voyeurism sounds almost sweet compared to some of the fetishes we’ve discovered in this series: it’s sexual arousal from watching other people doing sexual things, and from doing so without their knowledge.

Some references made from Metro.co.uk A-Z

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Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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