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Costs to advertise are as follows:

Platinum space (Portrait image)

1 month = $100 (£80) | 3 months = $375 (£295) | 6 months  = $760 (£600)

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1 month = $75 (£60) | 3 months = $220 (£175) | 6 months  = $460 (£360)

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1 month = $50 (£40) | 3 months = $150 (£115) | 6 months  = $300 (£240)

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When you advertise on The Buzz, all of the space you buy guarantees your spot as we have no banner rotations! Your spot, is YOUR SPOT! Our adverts run on every page of our web site, including this one!

We accept advertising from all Females of the Fetish world and your advert can be linked to your blog, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook page, one off event or Fetish site. Promoting your clipsite is a conflict of interest for us, however we are more than happy to link to your own Domination, submissive, switch, kinkster website or social media feed.

Our adverts can help building your brand as your name and image is also recognisable through a Google search. Plus our returning readers, from in and outside the Fetish world will familiarise themselves with you.

Picture submissions must have no wording or watermarks and payment can be made via bank transfer.

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