All subs must be feminist. Now in a kink of female domination you’d think this would be obvious how can someone believe in female domination but not female equality…


Femdom and Feminism

All subs must be feminist. Now in a kink of female domination you’d think this would be obvious how can someone believe in female domination but not female equality, but this instruction is for male doms as well and stems to how in our femdom action we must go beyond the bedroom.

In the kink community a recognition of societies bias against women and the structures in place against them is crucial to true deployment of a successful safe kink environment that transforms the kink into an actual lifestyle and not just a game.  Women in sex work face insurmountable obstacles in terms of bias and attitude that men may equally face the only difference is that this bias is structural. A sub needs to recognise that their day to day behaviour needs to have feminist aspects if they are too truly be an asset to the larger life of their dome.

Subs must adopt attitudes of calling out negative practises in other men, being an ally to women in the work place and supporting political causes that advance woman’s rights. But why?

It is not sexual, you should not be aware of how physically intimidating you are to women and avoiding doing things like following too close behind them on a lonely street because it turns you on, you should do it because by such actions you are assisting in a larger idea of creating equality. If its just for the sexual kick you advance equality your acting out of self interest and ends in these fight’s don’t justify means as the only thing keeping you from engaging in bad behaviour is a power claim, you will give power as long as it benefits you is not equality, you still have the power.

As long as the woman you serve is still structurally oppressed there is no femdom or female supremacy in any real sense in your relationship. It’s a game where you always hold by stint of your gender a sense of unwanted superiority that is oppressive to you and to your dome. For you it robs you the sub of your choice and your ability to be a sub. If you want to be a sub outside the bedroom you can’t because you can’t both start at a place of equality and as consenting adults adjust the boundaries of your relationship to where you want it too be. There is a power structure, a patriarchy forcing you into a position of power you don’t want and robbing your domme of being truly superior so if you want a femdom relationship you need to fight for it.

To bring it back into kink this starts being an ally to the sex workers you operate with and to those in the kink community at large. From fighting slut shaming to calling out the general aggressive behaviour of some men online you need to be their as supporter for your domme and your community.

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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