Alternative is the way to go but you still must do as Miss Ashleigh says!

Do you love fiery red-headed beauties with tattoos and piercings? What about women who will enter your mind that you’ll never want to leave?

Meet Miss Ashleigh, a stunning Yorkshire Domme who will dominate and nurture you with discipline and guidance to becoming a better you. If you want to push yourself and serve a stunning Domme then this is the lady or you! I came across her account early on and have followed her journey with great intrigue and admiration.

Influences while growing up

While attending alternative clubs at a young age, Ashleigh was introduced to the alternative, and often stereotypically clichéed, kink fashion and aesthetic. Surrounded by these influences while growing up, she dove headfirst into the world of kink.

While talking to those around her she realised that a big part of enjoying pain was the feeling of release and while this is not what she seeks, she enjoys the power of deciding when subs get to feel this release and aiding them in this experience.

One of the things Ashleigh loves the most about being a Domme is the mental connection she gets with her subs. She demands respect and you WILL follow her rules! Good grammar is a must and she will not tolerate misbehaviour. No bratty subs need apply. If you want to serve her, then you show respect from the offset!

Miss Ashleigh FemDom
Miss Ashleigh

Miss Ashleigh is solely an online Domme and uses her psychology skills to get inside your brain and make you look within yourself. Your limits will be pushed (within a safe space) and this will help you all into a deeper submission. I love this about her, because, if your kink is being taken down from your high-horse, she will humble you in a way that encourages you to pick yourself back up and succeed in order to impress her.

She is a great believer in routine and order, and this will help those subs that are bad at organising their personal and kink sides. I you think you have what it takes to impress and serve her then approach respectfully and politely. Nothing else will be tolerated!

If you want to follow Ashleigh find her on Twitter: @ashceruleanblue

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  1. Great read and a fabulous Domme!

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