Amazon Prime series: The Boys. Homelander – What is mummy going to do with you? by QB

Who has Amazon Prime? If you do and you haven’t watched The Boys, you are missing out. Trust me; it has beautiful women, gorgeous men, fighting, swearing and superheroes. This show has everything! It also Chase Crawford, which was my main reason for watching but don’t tell anyone.

Official The Boys trailer on Amazon Prime

One thing it does have that most people have missed is a crucial kinky element of one of the superheroes: called Homelander. He is the most powerful superhero in this alternative universe. The most crucial superhero in America, however, he has a mommy fetish. 

He gets turned on watching his boss pump her breast milk. Homelander watches his boss with his x-ray vision when she is in her office, and this is a bit creepy. He lays down on his bosses lap when he is upset and starts to kiss her breasts when she unbuttons her blouse. His boss calls him a ‘good boy’ consistently throughout the show. 

Watching the show made me think the reception this would receive vanilla people. Homelander is a big, strong, handsome man having a mommy fetish. In the kink/fetish community, people are not fazed by a man of his stature in the community having a Mommy fetish. It’s normal for kinksters to see people of all different sizes, shapes and races having a Mommy fetish.

I want readers to think, does anyone in your life, give off a big masculine man vibe in public but, you believe he secretly has a mommy fetish? Comment below on your reaction to Homlander’s mommy Fetish.

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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