Goddess Bee is As Sweet as Honey: Not all Domination has to be humiliation and punishment.

As we’ve discussed before there are so many different types of Dominants and Submissives. Not everyone likes to be dominated through means of verbal humiliation and physical punishment. Not all Dominant people like to and are good at dishing out humiliation and physical punishment. But that doesn’t demean their level of dominance, it just means they take a different approach. I’ve been following Goddess Bee for a while now (actually we started around the same time and got talking early on) and her style of dominance is so different from the stereotype, but boy is she still a killer domme!

A Bee Without the Sting

Nurturing dommes are something I wasn’t really aware of until I started researching the world of Domination and FinDomme. While scrolling through different sites, including Twitter, to see how different women approach being an online domme, I came across the concept of nurturing dommes. Goddess Bee is the epitome of nurturing. With a smile as sweet as honey, a soft gentle voice and a touch of mystery, Goddess Bee definitely takes the sting (yes -dodgy puns intended) out for those who want to submit in a softer way.

Queen Bee

Having only started FinDomme back in October 2019 she already has 11k followers! She writes the most alluring poems in her Tweets to draw subs in, and it clearly works! Her nurturing style encourages her subs to really strive to be the best version of themselves and to succeed in their personal life so that they can serve her even better. She also plays with the art of seduction in mystery. Never showing her full face, just her beautiful smile, she’s also been teasing all the potential subs by letting us see another one of her tattoos each time she hits a milestone. This allows us to get to know just a little bit more about this woman of mystery, like giving you a taste to wet the appetite.

To follow Goddess Bee and see what all the fuss is about go to Twitter and search: @MistressBee3

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One response to “Goddess Bee is As Sweet as Honey: Not all Domination has to be humiliation and punishment.”

  1. Sam the Sub says:

    Ooohhhh!!! She does sound as sweet as honey!! I MUST start following her and maybe I’ll build up the courage to approach!

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