“Be the pleasure, not the pain”; Wicked the Rockstar Goddess tells us what she expects from her subs

Being a fan of punk and rock music myself, when I came across Wicked the Rockstar’s profile, I had to take a further look. Her title sums her up perfectly. Her beauty mixed with a bad-ass attitude is everything you’d expect from a true Rockstar and wicked, well that doesn’t even begin to describe her! I wanted to know more and lucky for you all, you get to know more too!

From school girl kisses to making men weak

Wicked the Rockstar had a movie style introduction to sexual exploration. While attending an all-girls boarding school in Australia, she first started exploring sex with some of her classmates. (I genuinely thought that was only something that happened in the movies, and now I’m mad my parents never sent me to a boarding school! HAHA)

But things really kicked off when she was in college and started selling her underwear online. She started this to make some extra cash so she could afford all the extras she wanted to enjoy. However, having men be disrespectful to her and rude was not something she was willing to put up with. But she had to bite her tongue to sell the undies. This is where FinDom and being a Humiliatrix came into play.

Her words and beauty will enslave you

Being involved in FinDom and humiliation meant that, when men were being disrespectful, she could put them right back in their place. This wouldn’t affect her business; in fact, it would make it grow as she humiliated them into submission.

She still sells her underwear online, but her clientele has really changed – and for the better. Having previously worked in communications, Wicked the Rockstar Goddess knows exactly how to pick and choose her words to make men crumble. And she is ruthless! When she demands respect, you better show her some respect! She specifically states that she doesn’t have an “unblocking fee” because when you’re gone, you’re gone!

What it takes to be a Rockstar

She believes that Dommes need endurance and to be willing to let go to be successful. Stand your ground, know your worth and say goodbye if it’s not working out. Being a Dominatrix takes a tough skin and it’s not as easy as simply saying “F*ck You, Pay Me!” (although that is the misconception). But Wicked the Rockstar Goddess also has found that being a Dominatrix has enabled her to build her self-confidence. She feels she can express herself and her views more openly and honestly than ever before.

We at FFFBuzz.com love that women can really gain confidence in themselves and in expressing themselves through the world of kink. It’s so important to be able to let that powerful inner self out.

If you want to follow Wicked the Rockstar Goddess go to Twitter: @GodlyRinse

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Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

2 responses to ““Be the pleasure, not the pain”; Wicked the Rockstar Goddess tells us what she expects from her subs”

  1. Curious Jane says:

    I’ve seen Wicked the Rockstar Goddess on Twitter. She’s gorgeous! It says she went to boarding school in Australia, that’s crazy cause I didn’t notice an Aussie accent from her videos. I’m even more curious now

  2. EveryonesFavouriteSissy says:

    She really does sound like a total rockstar! May I be so bold as to ask what site she sells her underwear on??

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