“Be Yourself And Enjoy What You do” – That’s Some Advice From Henny Leigh

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To be successful in content creation you’ve got to enjoy what you’re doing. It may seem like ‘just a job’ but if you’re not enjoying it, it will show. It’s easy to think that the people purchasing the content won’t realise that you’re bored. This is especially when you’re taking nudes or creating sexually explicit content. The thing is, we give away way more in our body language and expressions than we realise. Even when playing a Submissive in a ‘torture’ scene, you can tell if the Submissive is actually enjoying it or not. Henny Leigh knows and lives this, she doesn’t see content creation as a boring 9 to 5. She makes content that SHE wants to and in her own style and it shows! I couldn’t keep my eyes off!

There’s more to documentaries than just history

You can learn some really interesting things watching documentaries

Henny Leigh is a beautiful Irish woman; in Ireland we can watch the UK TV channels too. Channel 4 creates some excellent documentaries on all sorts of different subjects. Henny Leigh watched a documentary on Channel 4 about webcam girls. In the documentary she was intrigued by the different techniques a lot of them used to avoid doing full nude in their shows. Henny Leigh began making content and used a lot of these techniques herself. While starting out she was a lot shyer. That’s all changed now, and she loves trying new kinks and exploring all her options. She also enjoys finding out what others get off on.

Bratty but in charge

She may look cute and naive but Henny Leigh knows how to make you beg

Henny Leigh has a great description for her style when talking with clients and creating content. Henny Leigh is ALWAYS in control when talking to her clients and making content. When clients look for a Submissive, yeah, she can’t act all cute and ditsy, but really, she is the one leading the situation. She may be acting bratty, but she is the one who can make her clients beg for more. In the content I’ve seen of hers, she appears Submissive, but it’s her brattiness that means she is the one really in control. This is a true example of how ‘Submissives’ or ‘Submissive presenting’ content creators and cam girls can gain confidence and power within themselves.

Henny Leigh knows herself and knows her niche. Of course, it’s good to take guidance from other women within the industry. It’s great to learn and grow from the knowledge of other people within the scene; but know yourself and know your brand. Henny Leigh knows what she enjoys and what she wants her clients to see. Her ownership of this means that she enjoys what she does, and she does what she enjoys. This is an excellent way to look at the sex industry. I can’t wait to see what she does in the future.

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