Being a Submissive Female is just as empowering: A look inside the mind of Miss Julie James

Sometimes when we think of Female empowerment in the kink world, we forget about the women who lean towards the submissive side. After all, being a submissive takes a lot of personal strength and self-awareness.

Giving up power takes courage, trust and a lot of confidence in your own mental health. Just because you enjoy being tied up or following commands does not necessarily mean you aren’t owning your sexuality and fulfilment. These thoughts led me to seeking out Miss Julie James; a female submissive that intrigues me.

How she found her kink

After persuading her boyfriend to go to a fetish club in Glasgow (this is the second time Glasgow has been mentioned for women finding their awakening in a fetish club. I really want to go check it out!) Miss Julie James really realised what she was looking for sexually in life. While exploring this side of herself even more she realised that not only does she love the primal, high energy play but also the more slow, sensory play. Different play sessions for different occasions.

She does enjoy being a good little rope bunny though and has a lot of fun handcuff-play content. While she does have a partner, a great tip she mentioned was that, subs – if you are planning to play within your local scene, get references for your potential play partner and take things slow. Always practice safety first!

Miss Julie James is a bratty sub who needs and enjoys being tamed into submission. Online she has a strong presence; she creates content, sells some of her sexy items, and does Skype sessions.

Currently she’s working on setting up a blog which will be full of kinky insights into her life. We’re looking forward to seeing this when it’s ready and we’ll have to do an update to let you know the link.

To follow Miss Julie James got to Twitter: @MissJulieJames1

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Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

4 responses to “Being a Submissive Female is just as empowering: A look inside the mind of Miss Julie James”

  1. Sucker For a Scott says:

    I have to find this club and go!! Love a Scottish accent and would love to experience the scene in this kind of setting!

  2. Sam the Sub says:

    LOVE that you’re featuring female subs too and that you’re acknowledging the strength it takes to be a sub!
    I love being a submissive but hate that if you tell someone not in the scene or inexperienced that all subs are “weak”. Thanks for highlighting this.

  3. Ive worked with Miss Julie James on a rope bondage shoot, it was such a joy and pleasure, had a great time, had another booked but due to the covid19 out break it had to be placed on hold for the time being. I definitely would recommend her to any photographer for a shoot, she is just a little gem and a pleasure to work with ?

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