Getting to know ‘Best Irish Findom’ winner, Princess Findom

When picking a Domme, we all look for different characteristics. Whether it’s nurturing, psychological, sadistic, humiliatrix, etc. all subs have a kink they’re looking to fulfil. One characteristic we can all agree on is that when a sub is looking, they’re looking for the best! Princess Findom is one of those.

Voted the Best Irish Findom this year by a Twitter poll run by Irish FemDom, it’s safe to say you’re in good hands with the Princess!

Princess Findom started out as a stripper in a club before finding FemDom and FinDom

A journey to find out where she belongs

But, Princess Findom didn’t start off as a FinDom. There’s so much more to her. While stripping at a local club, a colleague and friend of hers told her about Here she started selling used panties and socks to make extra cash on the side.  She also began using which is a site that helps Sugar Daddies find their Sugar Babies. While on she met a Sugar Daddy who (unlike the stereotypical dynamic between a Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby) was quite submissive. He then directed her towards Findom as he thought that her dominant personality would be better suited to it.

This seemed appealing to Princess Findom as she knows what she wants and doesn’t let anyone take advantage of her. She makes her own rules and I love this because, whether Dominant or Submissive, you’ve got to know yourself and know how to acknowledge your own self-worth!

The transition into Findom was easy for Princess Findom and she found it really empowering. She found that she could make men worship at her feet and get exactly what she wanted, just by being herself. In fact, for being her natural self with behaviours she was told to tame as a child.

“I used to get given out to as a child for being a brat!”

Princess Findom
It takes more than just being pretty to be a FemDomme

She’s not just a pretty face

There is more to Princess Findom than her name suggests. She also enjoys FemDom and real time sessions. She always plans these sessions out with safety precautions in mind including telling a friend where and when she’s meeting the sub, seeing the ID of the sub beforehand, and having a public meet first. These are very important to ensure your safety. It’s always good to do a risk assessment before any public meet with a sub. Subs should also do the same when meeting a Dom(me) for the first time.

But the biggest thrill about being a Domme for Princess Findom is the control she has over the sub. She loves the power of making a man kneel at her feet and worship her. She enjoys ball-busting and humiliation and making men suffer (in a consensual context of course). But what I also loved was her telling me she enjoys making men run around doing errands for her, like shopping! Personally, I think that would be great fun!

Overall, I love Princess Findom’s approach to being a FemDomme and FinDomme. She’s fun, dominant and the best of the best in Ireland! If you have any questions for her, leave them in our comments or comment on the Twitter post.

If you want to follow her go to Twitter: @finprincessxox

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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  1. Submissive Sarah says:

    She really does sound like the best and well done on winning the vote and prize money!

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