Biggerthansex Movement – Female Sex Workers worldwide come together to show their gratitude for each other, and raise funds for The CupcakeGirls

bigger than sex

Biggerthansex is all about fulfilling a movement bigger than sex through sex workers. It’s an international nonprofit video movement causing women from different lines of sex work, to unite and take a stand for something larger than their work.

A movement with multiple motives and causes

The main motive is to spread female empowerment within sex work by creating videos of gratitude. In a ‘Tik-tok fashion’, each sex worker holds a bra in the video and appears to be passing the bra on to the next. By creating these videos, different sex workers in complete different lines are joined together.

Our very own writers have even gotten involved to show their gratitude to other Women in the sex work industry.

Writers featured: @MissFoxx_FD @LaceyLeesha and @DemonKittyFD

Music credit: Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Want To Have Fun (R3dX Bootleg)

Through these videos, the genuine diversity in job type, sexuality, race amongst other things is then captured. The passing of the bra creates a sense of unity and support within the ample sex work industry. These videos will be launched on and, with new sex workers taking a stand and sharing their gratitude every Monday.

Artwork by Randy Fruchterart

Raising funds through the movement

The movement aims to raise funds for those affected by sex trafficking and struggling sex workers who require confidential support and aftercare. BiggerThanSex works in collaboration with CupcakeGirls Organization where 100% of proceeds will go.

It cannot be fulfilled without the community standing together in the same vision. The authenticity that moves, touches, and inspires others to take a stand for something bigger than themselves is Biggerthansex’s number one value. Please create your own gratitude video and you can send your donations to The Biggerthansex fundraiser for The CupcakeGirls.

The Female Fetish Federation and are very proud to support and donate towards such a worthy cause.

Make sure you follow the movement, donate and start to make your own gratitude videos!




Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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