Bow Down and Worship Your Queen! Queen Semira Demands Your Obedience

Queen Semira

What do you imagine when you think of a Queen? Let me take a guess. I’m sure you’re picturing an elegant, statuesque woman who carries herself with grace and poise. She’s beautiful and knows how to rule over her loyal subjects. This beauty rules over her subjects with an elegance like no other. Her loyal subjects live to serve her and in return she rewards them. Her beauty will lure you in but it’s her sadism that will keep you there. Drop to your knees peasant and get ready to worship your Queen! It’s Queen Semira.

From browsing Instagram to ruling over a Queendom!

Queen Semira is equal parts regal and sexy
She found a new world from browsing Instagram

Nowadays Instagram is full of girls looking to be FinDommes. There’s a stereotype that a lot of these girls don’t have a clue about the fetish and what they’re getting in to. And often this stereotype is pretty true to form, but not always. For those who have put in the work and done their research, Insta is just another platform to meet Submissives. While browsing through Instagram one day, Queen Semira came across the account of Goddess Chocolatedomme, who was a FinDomme. Out of curiosity Queen Semira messaged her saying she was interested to learn more about FinDom. Goddess Chocolatedomme, very kindly, took her under her wing and gave her book upon book to read up on the subject. As time went on, she decided to broaden her range of Domination and researched other fetishes such as sadism, sissification and chastity.

Finding her crown

Queen Semira demands obedience
A stunning Queen

When starting out, Queen Semira came across an article that did a breakdown of all the different types of Dominants. It gave the typical characteristics that are associated with the different titles. This can be really important when picking your FemDom name. You want a name that resonates with you and really fits your aesthetic. Princesses are normally a bit younger and brattier than other Dommes. Goddesses are held upon a pedestal and worshipped as you would a deity. Mistresses are generally stricter and are interested in making their Subs better themselves. Queen Semira chose the title Queen as it fit her style. She’s an authoritarian who expects her subject to follow her rules and protocol. While she can care for her Subs, she will not think twice about punishing disobedience and this reminded her of a powerful Queen.

Queen Semira has realised that BDSM isn’t black or white. Unlike mainstream media portrayal it’s not a one size fits all scene. The BDSM lifestyle has so much to offer and is really diverse! AS a lifestyle and Pro-Domme, Queen Semira enjoys a wide selection of fetishes. She especially enjoys lots of forms of impact play (pegging, cock and ball torture, knife play, bondage, and trampling to name a few) and also loves psychological Domination. (sissification, chastity, body worship, orgasm denial etc) This gives her a really broad range of play with her Submissives which is great for keeping things interesting! This Queen deserves the worship she receives and more. Bow down to Queen Semira!

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