Brains, Beauty and Booty! What more could you want from Goddess Honey Pot


I love a big booty. Female, male, non-binary, no matter how you identify a nice ass is just amazing to admire. While I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline, I saw this stunning ass staring back at me. So, I clicked, and I looked through Goddess Honey Pot’s profile. My favourite piece of content was her twerking while making a smoothie wearing nothing but a t-shirt. Phew! So frigging hot! This stunner not only has a booty that you would happily be smothered by. She has intelligence and dominance too. I wanted to learn more about this twerking queen and get to know her.

There she was posting on vanilla Instagram when she was approached by a Sub

Kink found her

Goddess Honey Pot had been happily posting away on her Instagram account when she had a submissive approach her DMs. This was her first introduction to the world of kink. A foot fetish and sneaker fetish Sub approached her to share their mutual love for Nike Air Max shoes. They began talking and he was feeding her love for the shoes. (Just saying, any subs with Dr Martens or boot fetish just pop in my DMs!!) He sounds like he was the perfect first Sub as he made sure to put her comfort and pleasure first by checking that she felt comfortable with where the conversation was leading. Well done to them, because that’s what a great sub does. They put their Domme first.

Those curves are just to die for

She takes the time to dominate completely

Goddess Honey Pot is not just interested in ball busting. She wants to take over your mind as well as your body. Although saying that, pegging is one of her all-time favourites! Hehehe. She makes the time to get to know her subs inside out by talking to them and playing games like Scrabble/Words With Friends. This is great in a number of ways. Building up a bond with her Subs makes them feel comfortable and safe with her. It also means she gets to know better details about their kinks and fetishes. She can dominate them in a more nuanced way, focusing on little details she’s learnt about them through their chats. Another bonus is that she can remind them of her superior intellect by dominating them on the Scrabble board too!

FinDomme and FemDomme is not a get rich quick scheme as we all know. You’re essentially running your own freelancing business and a new business takes time to get off the ground. So, I like that Goddess Honey Pot was telling me that she is constantly learning and growing within her Domme self. She’s doing her research, she’s making the little mistakes and learning from them and she’s partaking in the sisterhood of Dommes and asking for advice.

This nurturing but stern Domme will take you in and make you a better person. You make her happy and she’ll make your fetish dreams come true.

If you want to see more of Goddess Honey Pot the go to Twitter: @GoddessHoneyPot

If you want to apply to be her sub fill out her application form via this link.

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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  1. Mmm what a big bootiful queen thanks I’m following her now on Twitter

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