Call me Bee. Not Goddess, not Mistress, not Daddy… Just Bee

We know lots of legendary celebrities that go by just one name: Cher, Madonna, Whoopi to name just a few. But in this article, we’re talking about one powerful woman who doesn’t need a title to feel and project her power! I’m talking about Bee! Looking at Bee’s profile, you’re not only drawn in by that tasty picture of her ass with the words “You Wish”. Very apt words because, yeah, I do wish, as I’m sure do many others! Next you see her banner that’s done so well with colour affects and filtering that’s almost hypnotic. I was drawn in.

Bee is hypnotising

Vanilla just isn’t for her

I love to find a woman who really knows herself and her opinion. Bee is that woman. From the moment she started watching porn she realised that she wasn’t getting the full arousal she’d hoped for. She wasn’t excited about watching or participating in vanilla sex. It just didn’t catch her interest. While in college she made a friend who, while drunk at a party, asked her was she into bondage and introduced her to the art of Shibari (A Japanese word used in the BDSM scene to describe a style of decorative bondage. Now this she found intriguing! She then had a partner who was in to playing with toys, but the thing was, he wanted to dominate. The relationship ended and since then she has enjoyed being a relationship where she is (usually) the dominant.

She’s also learned to channel her love of domination into something that REALLY turns her on, Financial Domination. Working in the banking sector, she understands money really well and genuinely gets turned on when controlling a Sub’s finances. It of course goes back to the power dynamic. She understands the value of money and the sacrifice a Sub makes to send. Knowing she has a partner, I asked how he feels about her being a Domme. Because she genuinely gets turned on by being a FinDomme, he gets to reap the rewards! She gets turned on; he gets the benefits of that. She brings in more money; they both benefit. She even has some Subs that love that she has an Alpha and only want to pay for his treats! Win-Win!

She will dominate you

FinDommes aren’t necessarily “selfish”

I’m always nosey and like to ask the women what their goals are for the future and have they made any outrageous purchases. The answers I got were brilliant! For goals there were some I expected to see; hit a £1k month, a 4-digit tribute, a loyal sub that sticks around for a whole year. But it was the last one that I thought was so sweet. She hopes to use her sub funds to eventually pay off her parents’ house to thank them for all they’ve done. That is just amazing and such a great goal! I also fell in love when she told me her silly purchases include buying 17 Easter eggs (to give as gifts) and tipping other Dommes! This bond of sisterhood just always puts a smile on my face. She’s also posted a thread on her Twitter feed to help new Dommes avoid the mistakes that are easy made when starting out.

I can’t get enough of this naughty but nice Domme. Don’t underestimate her good deeds though. If she wants you serving her you WILL learn how to serve respectfully. Whether you prefer the more nurturing style or the strict and stern style, Bee is waiting for you. Open your wallet and get ready to be under her command!

To follow Bee go to Twitter: @bee_findom

Do you have any questions for Bee? Leave a comment here or on our Twitter post.

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

2 responses to “Call me Bee. Not Goddess, not Mistress, not Daddy… Just Bee”

  1. Submissive Sarah says:

    She seems fun in all the naughtiest of ways! Sign me up! But she also seems to have a heart of gold. How delightful!

  2. NewButFierce says:

    I love her sense of sisterhood. Definitely going to click the link and read her tips on what to avoid! I would also buy 17 Easter Eggs but they would all be for me! Hahaha

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