Camming Service ‘CamSoda’ Offer Free Services to Quarantined Coronavirus Sufferers.

Remember when we wrote that article about Kaylen Ward, aka the ‘Naked Philanthropist’ who outstripped even the donations of the super wealthy Jeff Bezos to raise 700k in relief aid for the Australian bushfire crisis? The link is here if you’re unfamiliar with this heroine: Well, in a similar vein, we thought we’d put forward another circumstance wherein this wonderful community on the fringes of society dug into their own resources in order to improve the lot of those less fortunate than us. Proof once again that kink can help the world!

No Diamonds This Valentines.

For those of you who have been keeping up to date with the news of the rather intimidating coronavirus outbreak, you’ll be up to speed with the direness of the situation of the 3,700 passengers stuck in an ongoing quarantine aboard the cruise ship, the ‘Diamond Princess’, currently docked at Yokohama. As of yesterday, there was a confirmed positive test count of some 135 passengers, and so, as one would expect, the atmosphere of both fear and boredom is palpable. Those on board have been in quarantine since the 5th of this month and are beginning to suffer the effects of limited human interaction. This enforced isolation is set to continue until the 19th of the month.

CamSoda Providing CompanionShip to Ease the Monotony.

In response to the plight of these people, the good folks over at CamSoda have offered their services to those on board – free of charge. The idea behind this is that the fear and indeed the monotony of quarantine may well dissipate somewhat with the distraction of camming. This camming is facilitated by the company’s gift of 1000 tokens to anyone on board. All they have to do to claim them is provide a copy of their ticket or their staff credentials to . What the affected do with these tokens is totally up to them, with scope for anything from steamy sessions with a domme to purely conversational interactions.

“We like cruises just as much as the next guy, but without activities or human interaction, the boredom must be crippling” – CamSoda VP Daryn Parker

Whether it’s merely a publicity stunt, or if the main motivator for this act was humanitarian in nature, there is no doubt it’s admirable due to its potential benefits. Not only that, but it seems to be part of a developing trend of sex workers throwing themselves into humanitarian crisis situations and offering everything in their capabilities to alleviate the situation. So really, whether or not the response to this offer is negative and perhaps considered inappropriate, if even 10% of those onboard benefit from this in some way, can we not consider the act itself as positive? That’s 370 people, after all.

A Breath of Fresh Air…

As it stands, passengers are only allowed out onto deck in shifts to some fresh air, their only interaction being with staff who deliver their meals three times a day. Imagine then, being able to talk to someone outside of your immediate confines. You can’t really put a value on that. It’s simple. It’s effective. Admittedly no, it doesn’t cure the symptoms, the worry, or the situation itself. However, what it does offer is respite from the boredom and fear by means of offering candid and entertaining interactions with those outside of the immediate situation. Long may the trend of sex workers getting involved in humanitarian crises continue.

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2 responses to “Camming Service ‘CamSoda’ Offer Free Services to Quarantined Coronavirus Sufferers.”

  1. Just wondering, does anyone know if the people on board took them up on their offer? I’d say there was probably a few guys who wanted to, but were probably concerned about what their wife would think. Especially considering they’d be in the same room!

  2. Lust FromAfar says:

    Love the fact that our female SWers are out there doing more to help people than politicians and billionaires. It just proves that SWers aren’t these taboo creatures that live in the seedy parts of town and only think of themselves.

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