Candy Cummings Is a Delicious Desert Waiting to Happen

Candy Cummings

This naughty, Bi, MILF is looking for trouble of the sexy kind. Candy Cummings is a busty beauty who loves to make porn and let her kinky side out. Her content is creative and exciting so it’s no wonder that she’s popular. Her brightly coloured outfits show off her bright and fun personality. I was delighted to get to know more about her. I can tell you, her answers to my questions did not disappoint!

Victorian porn you say?

Candy Cummings
A lady but with a wild side

Candy Cummings had an interesting introduction to kink. When she was about twelve, she came across a book that belonged to her dad. This book was a reprint of Victorian artwork that depicted porn scenes. This opened her eyes to what could be out there as far as sexual experiences go. As this happened before every household had the internet, her exploration of kink was very sporadic. I think that this form of porn may have had a profound influence on her style of play. She enjoys having a very ladylike aesthetic while being naughty and wild within. She carries herself very elegantly and well, so this works very well.

Asserting her love of trifle

Candy Cummings wants you
She’s open to trying new things

I like the term Candy Cummings uses to describe her style of submission. She describes herself as “assertively submissive”. This is a great description as, yes, she is a Submissive, but she is very clear about what she enjoys and what her limits are. This is very important. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the Dominant or the Submissive it’s very important to be clear with what your limits are. For example, Candy Cummings enjoys submitting and being tied up and spanked, but she does not enjoy humiliation or extreme physical pain play. So when talking with Dominants about a session she makes sure to let them know that these are limits of hers and they should not be crossed.

She’s learned to be open to exploring new kinks and fetishes which is great. Through asking questions and wanting to explore she’s become interested in WAM (Wet and Messy) play and Sploshing. I asked her what foods she wanted to try sploshing with and I LOVED her answer! She wants to be made into a trifle with custard, whipped cream, and a cherry on top! What a deliciously delightful image!

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