Care Giver/Little is Often a Misunderstood Dynamic. Switchy Baby Lady Explained the Dynamic From a Personal Level

One part of the kinky community we haven’t focused on too much here at FFFBuzz is the CG/l (Care Giver/little) dynamic. The name is quite self-explanatory. One part of the relationship is the Care Giver/Dominant and the other person is the “Little”/Submissive that receives the care. This care can be nurturing or in the form of strict disciplinarian depending on the dynamic of the pair. There are occasions where this dynamic can be flipped. This is something I find very interesting because it’s the Little running the show. (We’ve all heard of families where the kids are the ones really in charge. It’s not that far a reach!) For Switchy Baby Lady her CG/l relationships are more than just kink. This dynamic is part of her everyday life and relationship. I thought it would be very interesting to talk to her and learn more.

The misconceptions of the Care Giver/Little dynamic

CG/l relationships face a lot of misconceptions from those not in the know. I wanted to help squash some of these misconceptions. CG/l can be associated with the DD/lg (Daddy Dom/little girl) dynamic. The misconception can be that this form of play is associated with paedophilia. That is not the case. Some people that engage in CG/l relationships do not do so in a sexual manner at all. Instead they only play in an emotional sense

Some do not engage in Age Play (where one or both partners role plays as either younger or older than their actual age) at all. For some partners it is purely that one allows themselves to be vulnerable and looked after by their partner. Those that do engage in Age Play do not do so to live out a fantasy of being with a minor. It also won’t make those that engage in Age Play suddenly attracted to minors.

The appeal of the dynamic

Genuine Care Giver/little play is based, in the majority, about the emotional connection and the vulnerability that the pair receive in these intimate sessions. And if the pair are in a committed relationship then this intimacy can last much longer than just the bedroom. It can be a way of life. Some chose to keep it to purely a play scene and this can be very therapeutic. It’s just a different type of D/S dynamic that is normally with a softer, more caring edge to it.

Wouldn’t it be nice, as an adult, to not have any responsibilities for a while? I know that I, on occasion, love nothing more than to make a blanket fort with my partner and watch a Disney movies. Sometimes, shutting out the responsibilities of adulthood can be so therapeutic. On the other hand, there can be great pleasure in giving that care and attention to a partner.

Switchy Baby Lady’s experience

This is the avatar Switchy Baby Lady’s uses

Switchy Baby Lady was always curious and experimental in her sexual life. Her curiosity made her want to try new and different things, looking for the final pieces to the puzzle. When she discovered the relationship/lifestyle dynamic of Care Giver/little, everything just seemed to fall into place. She is a true Switch and polyamorous in her relationships. She enjoys having both a Dominant and a Submissive little side and exploring the dynamics of the little being both Submissive and in charge!

I love that even while being a little she can let her Dominant side out and be in control. We’ve mentioned before in other articles about how the Submissive can have their own power within a scene, but this is a slightly different situation. Switchy Baby Lady is taking a typically Submissive role but flipping it on its head which I find fascinating. The Switch dynamic has given her the opportunity to explore herself more and really consider how she both gives and receives love. It’s also allowed her to identify both her healthy and unhealthy patterns in relationships.

The dynamic requires the same attention as any other relationship

While Switchy Baby Lady isn’t a SWer or content creator, she is a woman within our kink community. I thought it would be important to highlight someone who lives the lifestyle on a daily basis. Just because they aren’t paying for a session and this is the lifestyle, they lead does not mean they don’t have to use RACK, PRICK, and SSC. Limits and boundaries still need to be set and adhered to.

Communication and consent are still of vital importance in these relationships. (as in any to be honest!) Consent is still fluid and can be taken back at any stage. Switchy Baby Lady enjoys using her Twitter platform to speak out about her CG/l relationships. She helps educate those around her. If you look through her timeline, you’ll see she discusses the differences between the dynamic being just kink and it being more. She’s a wonderful woman and I think it’s important to educate others on our way of life and how we can enjoy kink within that.

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2 responses to “Care Giver/Little is Often a Misunderstood Dynamic. Switchy Baby Lady Explained the Dynamic From a Personal Level”

  1. LittleGingerOne says:

    I love the concept of the little being the Dominant party. I’d never really thought it could be that way before. I have so much to learn about this dynamic.

  2. Miss Dee Meaner says:

    Such an interesting dynamic! I’m so glad I got to learn more from a first hand source!

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