Choose your fetishes wisely – avoid the ones that bore you

Just because someone is into kink, doesn’t mean that they enjoy every single fetish on the market. Femdommes are not kink dispensers. You don’t put a coin in the slot and up pops your request. New online pro dommes in particular may think that they need to provide a complete array of fetishes in order to earn the title. Not so. You need to pick fetishes that you really enjoy, and not just cater for anyone and everyone.

Not doing the fetish justice

No one can love every single kink, and that’s why the “I’ll do anything mistress” guys are so annoying. It always turns out to be a lie. Everyone has fetishes that spark their enthusiasm. You might need to try some out to conclude that they’re not for you, but if you offer fetishes that you know you don’t enjoy, you’re doing yourself and the fetish a disservice. It’s not fair on clients to give them a half-hearted session. Sissies bore me stupid, but that doesn’t mean that no one can practice it. We’re just not a good match, and therefore I don’t offer it. Anyone into sissification is better off seeking a mistress who truly enjoys it.

Making yourself unhappy

It may be tempting to offer a fetish that you really don’t enjoy, just because you need the money. I’d caution against this. Not only will it be clear that you’re not into it, but who wants to spend their time doing something they hate? You risk being burned out and depressed. There are plenty of subs who will love the fetishes you enjoy. Learn your hard limits – yes, dommes have them too – and leave those kinks to people who love them.

Money, money, money

Never let money induce you to perform a kink you dislike, even if you’ve had a tough month financially. It takes the power away from you and will leave you feeling disheartened. There are plenty of subs prepared to pay for what you’re truly interested in. Focus on attracting them, and build your business around the kinks that you love.

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

One response to “Choose your fetishes wisely – avoid the ones that bore you”

  1. Miss Dee Meaner says:

    Yes yes yes to all of this!! I’m a nurturing Domme, that means I’m not likely to want a CBT session! It just isn’t me. So I won’t force it.

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