Cynth Icorn Will Take Your Darkest Desires and Turn Them into a Performance You’ll Never Forget

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The BDSM and Fetish scene can be something of beauty. There is an art to each scene. But what is amazing is when people fully immerse themselves the fetish as an art form. Cynth Icorn is one of these people. Their work is really something of beauty. I never thought that a performance piece that included needles could be a scene of beauty but I was wrong.

Cynth Icorn mixes art, fetish, and Domination

Always pushing the boundaries of the art and fetish world

Kink is something that can be so intriguing, especially to young adults. You’re just exploring yourself as a sexual being, but wait, there’s more. Those of us with a creative side tend to be very curious and therefore open to new and different things. Cynth Icorn is one of these people and they acknowledge their kink and fetish desires. They decided to spend their 18th birthday at a fetish club, combining their love of costume and fetish play into one beautiful existence that they haven’t left since.

Cynth Icorn has since ran two successful fetish clubs and has even won an European Award for Best Fetish Start Up. They uses her love of fetish and performance to get inside their Submissives head when Dominating them.

I love Cynth Icorn’s description of how performance art and Domination are both intertwined and yet very different.

They both involve connection and submission, control and ritual which are central to Domination and kink to me.

Cynth Icorn

While performing, Cynth Icorn shares part of their soul with the audience while pushing their body and challenging their headspace. Where as with FemDom, the Submissive shares a part of their soul with their Dominant while pushing their body and mind. Cynth Icorn is always in charge and always the Dominant but while performing they allow themselves to be a bit more vulnerable. That is the sign of a great Dominant and artist in my opinion because they’re in touch with their own mind and body as well as empathetic to that of their Submissives.

There’s a sexiness within the unusual and this is a prime example

I am in total awe of Cynth Icorn. While looking through their timeline and website I find myself feeling so many different things. Admiration, intrigue, a little fearful, and yet I really see the beauty in what they create. As of now, going to clubs and seeing live shows just isn’t an option for us. But I definitely urge you to follow Cynth Icorn and catch a virtual show of theirs. I definitely will be!

To follow Cynthicorn go to: @CynthIcorn

Or visit their website:

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