Delightfully Devilish – Pay4Hay will keep your balls in check!

Does a Scottish accent make you weak? Does a stunning face and amazing ass make you drop to your knees? Well be prepared to bow as you meet Pay4Hay! This is one woman you DO NOT want to mess with! When beauty mixes with a wicked side you know you’re in for trouble… but it’s a trouble you WANT to be a part of!

I’ve been following Pay4Hay for a while now. Her mix of fun Tweets (which give us a look at her playful side) and her more FemDomme Tweets (giving us insights into what a Real Time session with her would be like) make her intriguing and enticing.

Sexual Exploration and BDSM Liberation

She began exploring her sexuality about 7 years ago by attending sex clubs and getting introduced into the BDSM world. While attending the clubs she began to find her dominant side – getting liberation from dishing out pain to consenting subs who longed for it!

I LOVE to hear about women finding liberation from the BDSM community. Because that’s what it’s all about, awakening something within you! As her love of being a FemDomme began to grow, she learned from those she was interacting with and even had two “Baby Domme, Mummy Domme” sessions with a Pro-Domme who had their own dungeon. This helped her get to know the layout of a dungeon and most importantly how to conduct a session safely and professionally.

If you’ve read any of our articles before you’d know that we at LOVE a Domme who has done their research to make sure their sessions are safe and consensual! Pay4Hay also does allow times after sessions for aftercare. Another reason why we love her!

A thirst to bust balls

Pay4Hay enjoys FinDomme but enjoys FemDomme even more. And boy does she enjoy it! On her Twitter feed you’ll see a list of what she offers during a real time session. The best part is that she really loves what she’s doing and while chatting to me described it that she gets a “thirst” for domination and real time sessions. She feeds off the nerves of a fresh sub and bringing them into a state of sub space.

Flogging is her favourite form of corporal punishment but her specialty is ball busting especially “ball bouncing” and I’ve seen a video of this and heard her wicked giggle!

With looks that resemble the angelic Snow White but with a wicked side, Pay4Hay is definitely one to watch for!

Follow her on Twitter: @Pay4Hay

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4 responses to “Delightfully Devilish – Pay4Hay will keep your balls in check!”

  1. Subbie Pete says:

    You had me at “Scottish accent” but I don’t think I could ever move there as I’d never get anything done!

  2. Leatherboundloser says:

    Oh WOW!!!! When all this mess is over I’ll definitely have to see can I organise a session with Pay4Hay. She sounds intoxicating in the best way possible!!

  3. Sucker For a Scott says:

    I LOVE the Scottish accent! Used to have a really strict but hott teacher growing up with a Scottish accent and it’s a major trigger. That mixed with her love of BDSM and Domming…. Drool….

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