Do You Have a Sweet Tooth? Kandy K Will Bring You Naughty but Nice!

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Sometimes while scrolling through your timeline you come across content that is just DELICIOUS! That just happened to me and I am literally salivating looking through this content! The content I’m talking about is the mouth-watering output from Kandy K! Not only is she breathtakingly beautiful, her content is creative, fun, and you can tell she’s really enjoying it! This MILF is the definition of naughty AND nice! Kandy K has a sweet, girl next door appearance, with a filthy mouth and naughty mind! By the end of reading this article you’ll have a sugar addiction!

From sugar to Kandy

Kandy K was always sexual and interested in sex work

Kandy K had a shielded childhood that continued into her teen years but she was still a sexual being. She adored lingerie and heels and couldn’t get enough of strippers and porn stars. This interest, paired with wanting to provide and be at home for her family, gave her the idea to get into content creation. Because of this move, she gets to live the best of both worlds. Her family have their mum at home for them, and she also feels fulfilled in her desires (sexually and career wise.) All while bringing in the cash! That sounds like a win-win situation to me!

What’s great about her content is the variety she has. There’s solo play, play with her partner and even semi-interactive play. How can content be semi-interactive? Well Kandy K told me about one of her videos called “Count with Kandy.” In this video, she asks the viewers to count along with her and see how many times she squirts! I LOVE it! It also sums up Kandy K perfectly – fun, raunchy and full of dirty talk! The viewer gets that immersive feeling and I’m certain it adds to the intensity of the enjoyment. The viewer is able to see how Kandy K uses her content as a way of sharing her beliefs with others – that sex should be fun and uninhibited!

Hold on to your Kandy

Always Watermark your content people!

Kandy K loves the kink world and the people in it. The community base is so warm and welcoming and content creation can be an amazing confidence boost. But, as with most things in life, with the good, there’s always the other side. She says she’s learned how to better communicate her limits with customers. Her biggest advice is to ALWAYS watermark your content. As a black, albino woman, Kandy K’s look is beautiful and unique. Because of this people stole her unwatermarked content and made fake pages. These thieves were making money off the content she worked hard to create! They were her property, and yet she had to pay the DMCA to get 3 fake pages taken down! This happens all the time to popular content creators so learn from Kandy K, WATERMARK YOUR CONTENT!

If you enjoy cream pie videos (they’re her favourite) or have a custom video you’d like made, Kandy K is definitely one to go to! Her content will give you that sugar kick you’re looking for and curb that craving you’ve been yearning for at the same time.

To follow Kandy K go to: @REALKandyKandy

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