Domina Kiara is a Mind of Knowledge and She’s Invaded Your Mind Too

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Domina Kiara is a Domme I’ve followed since I first joined Twitter. Her style of Domination and content creation is so unique I was mesmorised. I also found her to be one of the nicest people. Back when I was nubile to the online scene I messaged her and asked her for some tips. She was so friendly and answered a few of my questions and I was so grateful for her time. It was clear to me from observing her platforms, that Domina Kiara is an incredibly hard working Domme and that kink is a way of life for her. She doesn’t just play with kink, she lives it.

She wanted control of her own business

Domina Kiara put in the effort to go it alone

In her first year in college, Domina Kiara was asked did she want to try out working for a phone sex line. Her friend had joined and wanted her to get involved. After talking to the head of the company about it, she wasn’t that into it. But when she asked them about offering Domination phone sex, that’s where things changed. Through working as a phone Domme she learned more about her own kinks and the terminology around the kinks she’d been exploring and enjoying herself. After working with the call line for a while her business mind kicked in. Domina Kiara got greedy. She realised that the company was making lots of money from her hard work. She decided to buy her own domain and set up her own business and she’s been thriving since.

Domina Kiara enjoys both FinDom and FemDom for two different reasons. FinDom is what really turns her on. When her Subs sacrifice their money to her it really arouses her. Saying that, she finds FemDom very cathartic. While controlling their mind and using them as she pleases, Domina Kiara feels a great sense of release and endorphins as she pleases her own desires.

Fall into a trance for Domina Kiara

Fall into a hypnotic state for her

While her style changes from Sub to Sub, Domina Kiara has a particular flair for hypnosis. Taking her mood, the Subs kinks, and both their limits into consideration, Domina Kiara completely envelopes her Subs mind through the art of hypnosis. After taking a class in effective hypnosis back in 2007 she was NLP certified. Domina Kiara has been enjoying making hypnosis, ‘brainwashing’, ‘mindfucking’, and ‘reprogramming’ content ever since. I’ve watched some of her clips and they are really impressive. The mixture of visuals and sounds are so pleasing I can totally understand how a Sub would fall under her spell.

Mind your business

Get business savvy

One of Domina Kiara’s biggest pieces of advice she can give is to remember, this is your business. You need to be in control and look after your business. We’ve said it time and time again, don’t give any sessions until the Sub pays up front. If you’re unsure, here’s our article on common online scams. Another great piece of advice Domina Kiara focuses on is when you’re collaborating with other artists.

Collaborating with other artists can make for amazing content. The collaboration of two (or more) creative SWers can be really special. How do you protect your assets? Get all parties to sign a release form. This will be an agreement form on the terms of filming. It determines who owns the content or whether they have an equal ownership of the content. It also protects you against anyone you’re working with trying to claim money from you after the event. You may agree to split earnings, but this needs to be agreed upon before filming begins.

Domina Kiara is a very business savvy lover and embodiment of kink and fetish and I can’t wait to see where she goes next.

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