Dominance Isn’t Something You Can Fake; Alissa Black Pro is Definitely Not Faking

Domination isn’t something you can fake, though many try. Is it something you can develop? Definitely! But it’s something that comes from within and can come in so many different shapes and sizes. Most of the Dommes I speak to say that they’ve found that they’ve always been Dominant. This doesn’t mean they come out of the womb brandishing a whip and dangling handcuffs. It just means that they now recognise that they have always enjoyed being a leader or having control over a situation. (Submissives can make good leaders too in their personal lives but may just enjoy giving up that control from time to time.) Alissa Black is one woman who has always felt that Dominance within her. It come naturally to her and now she’s learnt how to harness it.

Alissa Black was a natural

Alissa Black is naturally Dominant

Alissa Black had always acknowledged her natural Dominance and was aware that (even from a young age) people would rather be Subservient towards her. It wasn’t until she turned 18 and got a job at the local XXX video and sex toy store that she ‘officially’ discovered kink. Understandably, working in this environment would pique her curiosity. Inside the store hung a bulletin board where swingers and local kinksters would hang flyers for different event nights. Wanting to learn more, she went to some of the events at the local dungeons and sex clubs.

Just as Goddess Gee said, ‘Money is Power’ and this is what Alissa Black thrives off. She adores the power she feels when taking Submissives hard-earned cash. What is even more appealing than a Submissive handing over their hard-earned cash? Well of course, it’s the Submissive being down on their knees, bowing and counting out their hundreds and placing them at her feet and thanking her for the pleasure! Alissa Black does cater to other FemDom fetishes but her main kink is FinDom. She uses her blend of intuition and sensual sadism to bring her Submissives in and give them an amazing experience.

Her journey has led her to mentoring

This stunning beauty will dominate you and you’ll love it

Since her journey into FinDom/FemDom began, Alissa Black has learned so much about the world of kink and about the people in it. Through her journey she’s learnt more about human behaviours and sexuality and the connection they have with each other. Alissa Black has also learned a lot about human psychology and the role it plays within the BDSM scene. She has taken the knowledge that she has gathered and now offers a mentorship programme for both Dommes and Cam models of any level of experience.

One thing she has taken on board is to be sure that you invest wisely. This refers to your time and energy as well as tangible assets. Yes, to do well it is worth purchasing items like a ring light, having a decent camera (even if it’s just on your phone), and maybe some extra lingerie. But valuing your time and the energy you’re putting into FinDom/a Submissive is very important too. This is great advice and something we can forget from time to time after making a connection with a Submissive.

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  1. Miss Dee Meaner says:

    She’s amazing! I’ve admired her for so long!

  2. Sarah the Submissive says:

    Oh My! Miss Alissa Black sounds breath taking!

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