Domme to Domme: 8 Real Secrets for Success – The Black FemDomme and FinDomme Edition with Goddess Ekua

domme to domme

Women as a whole deal with more prejudices than their male counterparts. Black Women in particular face more cultural misunderstandings, have far higher judgements and less support to succeed than Western women. It also applies to a Black FemDomme and FinDomme. So what can we learn about tenacity, competition, priorities and progress?

Our thoughts create our reality and so Goddess Ekua and I connected over our positive thinking. Both of us being Black FemDomme Goddesses in BDSM, particularly in the online world added to our discussion.

There seems to be an overwhelming amount of negativity within the Black FemDom community. Since I first started 8 years ago I had read and seen the comments appear countless times that “this is so much harder for us”. The negative mindset is something that really does need to be constantly challenged and if it’s difficult, then we need to find a way to overcome that.

So watch two Black Entrepreneurial FemDommes talk about how to find success in FinDom and & FemDom. We are changing the “B” in BDSM from “bondage” to “business”.

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3 responses to “Domme to Domme: 8 Real Secrets for Success – The Black FemDomme and FinDomme Edition with Goddess Ekua”

  1. Goddess Bea says:

    Great video ladies. Thank you for being an inspiration to new Dommes out there, especially within the Black community.

  2. Miss Dee Meaner says:

    I really enjoyed watching this video. Very informative and I will definitely be checking out some of the classes to invest in myself. Thank you ladies!

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