Domme to Domme: Sex Work in The Netherlands & The Continuing Discrimination with Moira Mona

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Sex worker protection is always such a hot topic in the BDSM community. I’d been following Moira Mona after a Domme had suggested I do so after speaking with her a bit about sex work in The Netherlands. Ever since then I had always been so impressed with how she stands so proud and confident, making sure that the rights of those in the sex industry are protected. So resilient and outspoken, I had to find out more about her sex worker activism.

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Moira Mona tell us how and why she’s involved in sex worker activism. We discuss the current rights for the sex workers in Amsterdam, the problems that still exist, and what you can do to support the workers on your next visit there.

Where To Find Out More About Sex Work In The Netherlands

Moira has recommended some great websites for you to check out –

The Dutch Emergency Fund: “A project started by a sex worker, this was to help out other sex workers in need during the pandemic. The website says that the fundraiser is closed because the payment processors are being difficult. If you want to donate, you can do so by sending to NL13 SNSB 0706 2327 71 under the name of Trans United Nederland with “Dutch Emergency Fund” in the description.”

SeksWerk Expertise: “This is a network of different (ex) sex workers, health professionals, jurists, academics and more who’s main goal is to improve the position of sex workers.”

Red Insight: “… is media platform ran by sex workers with articles related to sex work. I recently wrote a piece for it about the stances of the different political parties on sex work.”

Pic Amsterdam: “You can find the prostitution information centre in the red light district of Amsterdam. They have a museum, provide lots of information about sex work and organise tours as well. ”

Proud: “It’s like a sex workers union, the offer different types of advice, support and workshops.”

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