“Don’t Apologise, Correct Your Behaviour” Is the Mantra of Madame Margherite

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You may recognise this amazing person from our discussion on Race Play and the taboo that comes with it. Madame Margherite has a wealth of knowledge and experience with race play and many other kinks, especially animal and pet play. The best part is she loves to share the knowledge she has with those who are interested. Even during my conversation with her I learned lots of interesting facts about BDSM and the kink scene. She’s a highly intelligent person and uses this strength to not only better herself, but her subs and the community too. When these amazing people share their knowledge with us, it helps our community grow into a more open and welcoming safe space for all.

Sexual liberation and education

Madame Margherite
Madame Margherite is a big part of education within the BDSM community and DomCon

At a young age, Madame Margherite was often confused with being ‘extreme’ in her sexuality. This was because she had no interest in conforming to the typical cutesy, romantic relationship that society expects of women. Instead Madame Margherite was drawn to sexual liberation and this is where FemDom came in to play. Since then Madame Margherite has learned (and continues to learn) about the kink and fetish world from many sources.

Not only has she learned from other Dommes, but she said she’s learned a lot from some of the subs who have allowed her to play with them. Sometimes we can forget that subs, especially those with experience, can also be a great source of learning. It’s always good to have a chat about how a session went afterwards with your sub. This can be as part of the aftercare or at a later date. It not only helps you to learn from them but can make a sub feel comfortable to come back for another session.

A Sanctuary for pets

Madame Margherite is known as the Animal Play Monarch and it’s easy to see why! With over 50 adoring pets I believe Monarch is a fitting title. Each one of her pets are completely unique and special to her in their own way. If you browse her website, (Link below) you’ll see pictures of some of her wonderful pets in their full attire. What a collection she has! You’ll see every sort of creature from household pets to mythical creatures and everything in between! She even has pre-historic pets! I like that Madame Margherite helps potential subs with an interest in Animal Play to find their true spirit animal. Sometimes it can be very overwhelming to figure out what animal you identify with, so she’s created a thorough quiz to help with that.

Madame Margherite embodies pet play
Artist: Selma Gültoprak

As one of the board members of DomCon, Madame Margherite has a great presence at the convention. Not only does she help with the behind the scenes work but she also presents classes on a variety of topics including Animal Play, attends with her elite pets, hosts the Animal Play Awards and has even been Mistress of Ceremonies. These are great achievements and just show the level of commitment she has to the community. Guidance through education is really important to her and this is such a great attitude to have. Even when playing with her pets it’s all about guiding them to be better, not only in their submission but in their personal lives too. I’ve learnt a lot from Madame Margherite, and I think she is definitely one to follow!

Are you thirsty for more Madame Margherite? Does her style of play excite you? Let us know in the comments! And if you want to see more of her, check these out:

Twitter: @MadamMargherite

Website: Madam Margherite

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