“Elegant and feline; A panther before an attack”. Meet the amazing Lily Dupont

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Experience is sexy! Especially in BDSM and kink. When you’re going to submit your body and mind to a Mistress, you want to know you’re in safe hands. Ms. Lily Dupont is one of those women. Just a look at her website will show you the level of expertise and professionalism she conducts herself with. Her website is so stunningly laid out and thorough that a sub looking to serve can get all the info they need from spending just 5 minutes looking through it. For example, she has a clear photo and description of each of the dungeon rooms, her list of rules, and GORGEOUS photos of the Domme herself – and it’s all available in 5 different languages! This lady is a professional and you best believe that she will take the reins.

Exploring her sexuality

If leather and flogging is your thing you will LOVE Lily Dupont

While always a dominant person, she was not aware that she was kinky until reading books like ‘Venus in Pelliccia’. These books made her want to explore the world of kink outside of the literary realms. She also wanted to deepen her knowledge by attending events with likeminded people. She started going to sex clubs looking for people to explore with. She was looking for HER kind of people. Especially, she was seeking those with a predilection to BDSM.

You WILL submit!

You WILL submit to Lily Dupont

When you enter a session with Lily Dupont you WILL listen and do as your told. You can set your limits, of course, but she will decide how you will serve. Sessions are always discussed beforehand but the submissive will not be allowed to top from the bottom. She enjoys dynamic play, so whatever the masochist enjoys, she mentally enjoys. But I think what I find most alluring is that Lily Dupont does not like to raise her voice. “I dominate with a smile on my lips and ice in my eyes” Those words have me tingling all over… and I’m a Domme leaning Switch!

Her quiet but deadly demeanour means that her subs are always careful not to make mistakes. They know if they cross her path, they’ll lose their privileges of her attention. She is the literal embodiment of heroically extreme disposition. They want to be in her good favours in order to receive as much of her attention as she wishes to give them! And they do not want that revoked!

If you’re interested in Lily Dupont you can find her on Twitter: @lilydupont5

Or on her own website: www.lilydupont.com

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

2 responses to ““Elegant and feline; A panther before an attack”. Meet the amazing Lily Dupont”

  1. These are absolutely stunning photos! We salute you, Madame Dupont!

  2. Massimiliano says:

    Madame Dupont is a real woman built on her life experience. She can penetrate your soul, play with your innermost emotions. A session with her is unforgettable. Once you are lucky enough to be submissive to this divine woman, you can no longer do without her.

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