Erotica: A Visit to the Planet Ageynor, Where Men Have Only One Use

The traveller stepped off his ship. Observing his surroundings, he noticed he only women. There were no men anywhere in sight. “How exciting,” he thought. “Perhaps this is a matriarchal society.”

He extended a warm hand to a woman who appeared to be the most senior, only for the gesture to be ignored.

She looked at his hand with scorn. “Why have your people insulted us by sending a male?”

“I am sorry,” he said with a calming tone. “I was thought to be the best candidate for this mission.” A chorus of laughter erupted amongst the assembled women.

The leader looked at him scornfully. “That does not say much for your planet.”

The traveller knew first contact was not going well, but it was his duty to attempt to make a connection with the people of Ageynor.

“My name is Adeia, but you should address me as Matrileader,” the woman said.

“Matrileader” the traveller repeated respectfully. He bowed, lower than he intended. “My name is Jela.”

She raised an eyebrow, clearly indicating his name didn’t matter to her. “I suppose you have come to learn more about our society?”

“Yes, Matrileader. We know so little about the Ageynoreans. Our hope is to build a constructive relationship with you.”

“That may be possible if you send female emissaries next time. You were ignorant before. That is no longer the case, and we demand greater respect in future contact. Follow me. I will show you our world, in order that your people may avoid causing further offence.” She signalled to him to get into the front of a vehicle. “The presence of a male will be most unwelcome, but you should be protected from direct attack by my proximity.”

Jela did as instructed. As the vehicle proceeded through the streets of the city, numerous women pointed and stared. He saw no males at all. Even the most menial jobs were performed by women.

“May I ask a question, Matrileader?” Jela said.

“What is it?” Adeia shot back.

“Is there any role for men in this society?”

“There is one. I will show you when we reach the Citadel.”

This intrigued Jela. “The Citadel?” he asked sheepishly.

Adeia sighed. She had little patience for explaining things to men. “The centre of our administration.” she replied with disdain.

He asked no further questions. He knew she didn’t want to hear them. Minutes that felt like hours passed when they reached a vast building he assumed was the Citadel. The guards saluted Adeia, but looked at Jela with hostility.

“This is a visitor. He needs to learn about our world.” Adeia told the guards.

“A male?” spat one of them.

Her companion shushed her. “The Matrileader knows what she is doing.”

“Indeed,” said Adeia. “Unfortunately the people of this male’s planet do not. Therefore we must educate them never to send another man. Or it will be considered the gravest of insults.” She strode into the building. Jela followed close behind, nervously awaiting what might lie ahead.

Of all the worlds he had visited, none had been as unfriendly as this one…

Find out more in the next installment of this thrilling erotica series!

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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