Erotica: The Pink Kidnapper Strikes Again, Are You Ready to Ride

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Suddenly the whooshing and frothing of the automatic car wash machine became a distant echo. It happened so fast. He was just air drumming to the beats booming from the stereo, then within seconds, demands were being hurled his way.


“…want you to slam the accelerator, and drive” she interjected.

He nervously looked over at her, “my car is covered in soap water and bubbles.”

“Festive, I know. I’m aware you’re in shock, just follow instructions. Do not piss me off, I will not ask again” she coldly told him.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Smart boy.”

His heart rate had almost doubled since this slightly threatening, pink latex tennis skirt clad, fair-skinned wonder made Herself comfortable in his passenger seat. She was armed with a pink hair comb that he could’ve sworn it was a knife jabbing the side of his rib.

“Where am I driving to?” he heard himself say, steadily coming to and allowing his limbs to maneuver the 4-door coupe into the road.

“Around the block” the Mistress coolly replied. Having picked her blonde afro sufficiently, she fixated her gaze and pointed her knife-comb back at her target.

Stammering, he cleared his throat, “and then?”

“Around again.”

Her voice purred in a low tone as her hand made a circular motion with the knife against his ribcage. 


Trailing her free hand over to the glove compartment, she delved inside and a mischievous grin appeared on her face signaling she’d found a prize. She probed, “Hmm… what’s in here? License, bank cards, store cards, gym membership – you need that one? Arse is kind of saggy – rewards card, really? Aren’t you frugal enough? Ooh! Country club, look at fancy pants here.”

He giggled nervously, “Shall I go around again?”

“Sure” she said in a cool but commanding voice.

“Mistress, I have to be at the office in the next 15 minutes” he informed her.

Resting one pink-fishnet-appareled leg after the other on the dashboard, she dismissively sighed.

“That’s nice. It can wait” she exclaimed while jerking the lever to recline the seat.

“Yes Mistress.”

The four-ringed German machine murmured in repose. He kept his eyes on the road, only darting them to his Mistress to ensure her comfort. She shifted once, to reach for the aux cable, then changed her mind and opted to caress the stockings with the glittery nude pink almond shaped claws that adorned the ends of her fingers. Such primal seduction…

“Prepare to disembark.” Her voice breaking his trance.

Attempting to regain composure, and maybe some dignity, he protested. “You can’t leave me here, it’s the opposite side of my office building.”

“Hush” she jovially continued. “I have something for you. Fancy pants.”

“They’re so shiny” he moaned, inspecting the pink sequin drop crotch pants, stomping past the hood of the A5, to open his Mistress’ door.

“And you’re so whiny. Take your shirt off, then drop your trousers.” 

He quickly undressed sensing the displeasure in her tone.

“I-I’m sorry…” he sheepishly mumbled, “My chest is still flabby. I know I promised to work out more.” He dropped his head.

“Are you not invested in your wellbeing?” she inquired as she prodded his hanging teat with her foot.

“I am, I truly am,” he objected. “I’m just having a hard time committing,” he confessed.

An amiable smile appeared, “And we will continue to work on that. There is one positive; you have amazing chest, arm and back hair. You’re like a fluffy bunny. Hmm..”

The blood rushed to his face and ears, “Thank you, Mistress. That makes me feel warm.”

“Let’s complete the look. PINK BUNNY MASK!” The cheerfulness had returned, “Cautiously, back in the vehicle.”

Her legs swiveled back inside and the Glacier White carriage closed, she caught a glimpse of the newly christened Fluffy Bunny and smirked.

“Where to now, Mistress?” he inquired wearing the mask. After an uncomfortably longer than usual pause, the Pink Mistress met his stare, intensifying hers, lowering it and parting her lips slightly. 

“The country club,” she cooed as-a-matter-of-factly.

“But Mistress…” he moaned but he could tell she was having none of it. They navigated their way through the parking, past security via the back gate on foot and onto the lush green putting green. At one point, she almost pushed his shiny pink arse into the outdoor swimming pool. 

“Quit the bitching. It’s 7:30, most of your buddies are still croaking away in bed, or slaving away at work making sure the women in their lives are well provided for.”

Nodding and lugging the tennis ball machine, he asked, “Where should I put this?”

“Centre mark, service line. Man the net.” Her patience was wearing thin.

He was a bunny, not a kitty, he needed to use this one life wisely. He wouldn’t get eight more.

“Do you want me to dodge the balls, Mistress?” he calmly asked.

“The opposite. Little bunnies hop around escaping from prey and scavenging for nibbles and bites,” she strutted to the ball device, pressing and punching, “You are my fuzzy rabbit – preoccupied with life’s minor nuisances.”


“Oowww!” fluffy bunny yelped, “You didn’t tell me to hop out of the way Mistress.”

“Because you’re not supposed to,” she bent over and launched another neon green bullet, “Do not duck. Commit. You’re going to be in agony and anguish,” Pop! “But you’re going to come out the other side, well let’s be honest…” Pop! “A piece of shit,” not holding back on the hysterics, she continued, “but a competent, unassailable piece of shit!” 

“Er..I don’t think I can take anymore, Mistress.”







“Refrain from profanity, bunny.”



“Mmmmy apo… lo.. apologies, Mistress.”


“Well done, bunny. Game over.”

Having being pelted in the abdomen and upper thighs, all Fluffy Bunny wanted to do was rest, but he couldn’t. He dragged his battered body away from the tennis courts, past security out of the back gate and climbed into the driver’s seat after finding the car where he had parked it.

“You’ve given me morning wood, fuzzy.” Mistress teased, tugging on the stockings once more with her left hand, and stroking with the left. 

His eyes bulged out their sockets, he almost sweat his bunny mask off, “Mistress, please, you’re embarrassing me.”

“How long did you expect my big black cock to resist that luscious mouth of yours?” she asked rhetorically. “It’s okay, you can touch it.”

Her stroking and paced thrusting from under the pink latex skirt continued as he gazed, practically foaming at the mouth.

“Can I tickle my nipples with it?” he asked, curiosity eating him inside.

“Mouth only.” Mistress asserted.

“I have never…” bunny squirmed.

“We’ll go slow. Have a sip of water, you should be properly lubricated for this.” Her thrusting gained momentum, as she shook and wiggled the strap-on in anticipation. 

He nodded, sighed half-heartedly and closed his eyes, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Just stick your tongue out, at first and lick the tip like a lollipop, ice cream cone or a candy cane, which ever feels best.” Pink Mistress’ calm instructions added to the arousal.

Bunny lowered his head over her crotch; the black plasdick in a pink pool of latex looked right back at him. He took one lick, then another, and another.

“Mmh, strawberry sherbet.”

“Flavoured rubber. Safety first, always.”

He went back down, sucking just the tip this time. One hand gripped the arm rest while the other was placed firmly on his Mistress’ thigh. She snickered cunningly then created a suction as to evade teeth use. Bunny sucked past the tip, gagged, paused, then bobbed back in. The Pink Mistress massaged and pet her bunny’s back. Bunny grunted, flicking and oscillating his tongue, clutching her thighs to enmash his fingers to the stockings. Mistress snaked her almond shaped nails up bunny’s back and tugged at the nape of his neck. Bunny quickened his bobbing motion, slurping and gurgling enthusiastically. The pink wonder jerked up and down on the black leather seat with white trimming then spread her thighs further apart, much to the contentment of her pet.

“Mmm, mmh!” he slobbered and dribbled on to her lap, choking and holding tears back. 

“You’re going to have a hard on all day at this rate,” she condescendingly sneered. Fuzzy bunny quivered and convulsed, exhaling deeply.

“Oh, too late, you came all over yourself. That’s fine bunny, you did very well.”

“Thank you” bunny said as he continued to heave while laying face down in his very expensive car dressed in a pink bunny face mask, coupled with pink sequin MC Hammer pants and breathing next to a giant black plastic penis. He loved his life. He loved his Mistress.

“Good breakfast?” she quipped as she tossed wet wipes at him? He nodded subtly as she disposed of the condom and unclasped the harness.

Fuzzy tongued his lips, wiped the corners, smiling, “Excellent, Mistress.” 

“In approximately 15, possibly 20 minutes, the cottonmouth shall dissipate,” she assured.

“I hope so, I have a presentation later this afternoon,” he grabbed his knees.

“Be mindful of your breathing and enunciation,” she teased his now open throat with her pink comb.

A coy demeanour came over him, “Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.”

Tapping the blade tip of the knife comb on her wrist, the pink wonder signalled play time had almost elapsed, “Gather your things in the back.”

“No, please, do not leave me just yet,” the spent pet pressed.


“Yes, Mistress.”

The journey away from the country club parking lot was somewhat sombre. The Audi murmured in repose, and the blend of bodily fluids, bodily scents and danger enticed his nose. It was in vain, just a grim reminder of an awe-inducing morning. He stared lovingly at his magnificent Mistress. He was grateful to serve and be at the mercy of such power and influence. The car pulled up a couple of buildings away from his office, and the Pink Kidnapper clicked the door open automatically for her victim to let himself out. She gestured him back into view, then tossed a plastic bag at him.

“Remain calm in stressful situations, until next time. I expect my inbox to be filled with pictures of you in that little costume, by end of business, then you’ll get your coupe back.”

He smiled, at those last words, watching her zoom off for breakfast.

Written by: Miss Zola

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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