Everyone Has Their Own Fetish, and For Some It’s Sportsbra Taylor

Sportsbra Taylor

Since joining the kink and fetish community I’ve gathered more girl crushes than I could’ve imagined. It’s getting out of hand! Sportsbra Taylor is another one of my girl crushes. She has this great way with words (and clips) that is just hypnotising, seductive and would make any Submissive want to take their card out of their wallet and get sending!

The exploration, control and self-love Sportsbra Taylor has found in her journey

No one can resist her in her Calvin Kleins

A lot of us that have been around for a while would have heard of HePays.com (RIP, gone but not forgotten). Before Twitter became the first stop for FinDom, that was the site to be on. That’s how Sportsbra Taylor started out. She stumbled upon the site and was intrigued so delved in further. She particularly enjoyed the control element of the Submissives and wanted more. Control is appealing to anyone with a Dominant side but what Sportsbra Taylor finds most exciting is having control over someone who is physically bigger and stronger than her. That’s a major turn on for her. Being petite but still in absolute control over her Submisives. It’s the power of her mind over their body.

In the article I wrote about the amazing Joyen, I talked about how she found an honesty and love within herself through FemDom. Sportsbra Taylor has found FinDom to be a great journey for herself as well. Through the confidence she’s gained from FinDom she’s built up her self-worth. Before starting her FinDom journey she wasn’t as kind to her body as she should’ve been. Now her confidence is much higher and rightly so!

Not all kinks are the same

It’s the tease that her Submissives love

There is not right or wrong way to play with kink (Once you practice SSC and RACK). Sportsbra Taylor is one lady who keeps an air of mystery to her kink which her Subs love. Like myself, she never shows her full face, this adds to the mystery she likes to keep. This in no way diminishes the effect she can have on a Submissive. It’s all about the confidence you exude and the way you cater to the kinks you’re interested in.

It’s pretty obvious from her username the kink Sportsbra Taylor caters to most… Foot Worship is… Just kidding, it’s the worship of her magnificent boobs. Does she show them topless? No. Does she need to? Not at all. Everyone has different kinks and Sportsbra Taylor caters to those who don’t necessarily want to see her get her top off. They want the tease and suggestion that if they’re really really good, maybe one day… She’ll still deny them. It’s a fun case of tease and denial. That is why she’s so enjoyable to follow and why Submissives love her.

To follow Sportsbra Taylor go to: @SportsbraTaylor

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