FANTASY: How my relationship with a dominant man ending up with an unexpected twist

Oh, I hope he knows how uncomfortable this is, I sound like creaky door. And sure, it’s knee length with a sweetheart neckline, but damn, getting into this thing was not a joke. People stare at me all the time, but in a flesh toned PVC, latex, vinyl or whatever this dress was, is a bit excessive. I do prefer to just blend into the background a little.

Hmm, 5 past, he’s never late, I wonder what’s keeping him… Maybe I should get seated at a table and have a drink while I wait. That might do me some good.

Ahh, there he is. Finally. And I won’t even hide my eye roll.

“Come on, let’s go, I want to take you somewhere amazing.”

“Well, good evening to you as well. You know I dislike when you change plans without notice.”

“How else am I meant to surprise you, Gorgeous? You look beautiful, thank you for trusting me. The dress is not your thing, I’m aware.”

“Well, I mean it’s the 12 month celebration of our relationship. I can relax some of my rules, I suppose.”

I love our chemistry. He’s a man who is always in charge and knows how to treat me right. He asks things of me but he always respects my limits. I can be honest with my feelings, my happiness and my disgruntles over his behaviour. Overall I can relax and be myself and this isn’t acting for us.

I’m sat in his incredibly pristine Porshe 911 and downing ridiculously expensive tequila while he drives. This distinguished man practically kisses the ground I walk on and this is how it’s supposed to be. But for some reason I have apprehension about what’s going to happen tonight. Perhaps he’s taking me somewhere to ease the blow that this could be the end of us. He’s had his fun but now he’s moving onto something else. I mean these things rarely made it past 5 months, so maybe this is our final hurrah? Oh well, c’est la vie. I had fun while it lasted and this night I’m going to make the most of as I wind the window down actually wanting people to see me in this beautiful car. Wow, my confidence was gaining. Was the dress also a part to play? I began to feel kind of… sexy…

Where are we? Is this it…? Oh my god, this near where I live. Did he find out my real address and now he’s planning on doing something I wouldn’t approve of? No, he’s a good man. Who am I kidding, there is rarely such a thing. Why hadn’t I been paying attention? My body felt like the drive was familiar, but I ignored it, damn tequila.

“I love you. I no longer want to keep this a secret from you. Everything about you is perfect; your gapped tooth smile, your dreadlocks, voluptuous Venus figure. It deserves to be admired and adorned with only the finest,”

“Come on, get to the point, why are we sat outside this place?”

“I… I like latex. I like a woman in latex. I want you to be my Woman in latex. And with your permission of course, allow me to lick your from tip to toe.”

“Ok…. I get all of that, but why are we here? Where is this?”

“A dungeon. Where we can play safely.”


“A dungeon? Play? I just need a moment to process all of this.”


Well this was different. I thought about this briefly. Well, least this is wasn’t the end, he wanted it to be the start of something new. It was time to reply.

“Okay, I’m in. But from here on out, you will now do as I say. It is about time that I was in charge.”

“Yes Goddess! YES!”

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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  1. Pete72619 says:

    This is such a hot fantasy!

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