FANTASY: Intimate Impact – Is there anything hotter than being beaten up by a Woman?

Contact sport has never been my thing, but you, with that mystifying face and those puissant thighs.. I’m silently begging for you to please, please, step on me. Just look at you, 70, maybe 75 kilos of lean Indian beauty – all muscle and sweat. I am completely mesmerised by you. 

Oh how I want to braid your hair, run you a warm bath or do you prefer showers? Either way I will make sure the table will be dressed and food is served when you gets out of your sauna. You seems superhuman but I know you will be tired after this and will just want to relax. I really want to make that happen for you.

I wonder if you have noticed my downward dog when we do our warm up? I know we’re always warned not to, but I always poke my ass out extra for you, hoping that you’ll pause just to imagine kicking it around a little… The guys at the gym used to downplay your skill because you’re a woman, but they really did know they were no match for you. The day they finally accepted it everything changed for them. 

Five rounds in, your assault persisted; right left jab, jab, high kick – so swift – that puny man could only evade for so long before exhausting himself. You lunged forward seriously hurting his rib cage, idiot yelped.

Ding! Round 6

High kick from him, you blocked and responded with side kicks, left, left again. Cross punch, you jerked your head back in time. Shit, a kick to your shin, you stumbled.

“Yeah! Now finish her man!” his friends boasted, “Knock her out!”

Roundhouse, right jab, left cross, right elbow – you smirked at the blood trickling out of his nose.


“Whose about to end you!” you retorted. In that moment I could practically smell your musk on my skin and taste it on my tongue.

High knee followed by uppercuts to the chest and chin, it must’ve felt like 1000 horses galloping on him. His attempts at restraining you failed as you forced him against the ropes. And he came tumbling down.

“Stay strong man!”

“Yeah, she’s just landing lucky shots, scramble come on! Move!” his supporters cheered.

But you didn’t stop, kneeing him two more times before his feeble body collapsed.

“Get up! Get up! Get the fuck up!”

“Left leg, then right leg, stand up!”

He stumbled forward, steadied himself back on one knee.



He fell backwards.

A collective “OWW!” was let out by the crowd. Before we all realised, your muscular glistening thighs were firmly wrapped around his face.

“Six! Seven! Eight!” the referee shouted.

The bell signalled your triumph. I sat frozen, paralyzed, in awe, horny. Had anybody seen me; shifting about in my seat, in my attempt to release the heat, furiously unwrapping and wrapping my legs. Maybe, but I did try to be quiet gasping and moaning softly. I bolted out of that arena when I could eventually and replayed your victory over and over, imagining myself under all your might and strength – soaked is an understatement, I flooded my couch.

And so here we are again, on another ordinary Thursday morning. I’m stealing glimpses of you that are reflected in the mirrors in the yoga studio. And sometimes, like today, hide just behind the door, close my eyes, listen for your grunts and groans and play with my pussy.

This, I’m sure, you cannot see. But can you hear me? Can you hear how I long for you? To serve you? To be of service to you? To be used by you? Do you hear me?

Knock, knock

“Damn, shit!” Oh no, I’m talking out loud, and not dreaming. “Shit!” My hand is in my pants behind the damn door! I take a deep breathe to calm myself first and then open it. It’s you. Your sweaty, alluring face staring back at mine. Oh my god, is so embarrassing, you’re blocking the only exit I have to run away from you, but you’re… talking to me? Yes, your lips are definitely moving, and sounds are coming out. Concentrate. Concentrate.

“I can destroy you. Just ask nicely.”

“Please, I’ll… You… what ever you wish, just please.”

“First lemme talk you through the rest of your jerk session… I’ll bring you to the edge, make you weak and vulnerable for me, and then you’ll be all mine to ruin”

I feel so small infront of you. How did you do this to me? I close my eyes and whimper back to you in the tiniest of voices “yes, please…”

I’m stepping back into the room and you’re walking towards me, oh my god… this is really happening! Yes!

“So let’s begin….”

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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