FANTASY: The Sexy Pink Kidnapper and her oh so willing hostage

london hughes

“Get in!”

“Sorry, are you talking me?”

“Yes, do you see any other little bitches in bright yellow trousers?”

“Wh.. what’s happening?”

“Get the fuck in the car before I fucking force you in!”

“Okay, okay, yes.”

“Let’s ride,” the smirk rose to her light brown eyes.

Door shut, seatbelt buckled, and with a roar of the accelerator, the Champagne Quartz Metallic BMW M4 sped off. Red light. Up and off her satin hot pink ski mask went, revealing a pale angular face with contrasting soft features. She was even more striking in person. 

“Don’t stare too much, it’s rude.”


“Shut up,” she flogged his face with the pink mask and then shifted into first. Away they went. 

“Boys like you think Women like me care what you feel about us?” He protested with a head shake in disagreement, “Correct, you are all play things to us. In your white coats, making diagnoses, feeling high and mighty. We don’t care!” a punch jabbed his side, “We want you on your knees,” a satin hot pink gloved hand snatched a handful of his hair, whipping and pulling his entire head around sharply in different directions, slapping and punching him to his complete shock.


Why did the pain feel so good?

At the nearest intersection, the shiny silver German machine turned into a quiet one way road and slowed to a stop. A stocking and hot pink clad sturdy leg climbed out, followed by another, and sauntered to the passenger’s side. She opened the glove box, fished out a hot pink hood and covered her battered passenger’s head, and tied his hands together with a hot pink rope, also from the compartment. 

“Alright, you look good. Time for an assault!”

She struct back around, secured herself, sparked the ignition and headed for out of town. The winding roads made for quick, excellent swerving that drowned out the aching and bitching from the passenger’s seat. Eventually the M4 halted again, more abruptly this time; dirt road. 

“Get out!”

“I can’t see, and my hands are tied!”

“You’ve been in a car before you stupid bitch, feel around, pull the lever and GET OUT!”

Feeling lightheaded, breathing heavy and struggling, at last he popped the handle, and stumbled out. He was slapped by the crisp fresh air against his face, stinging the marks she had made to it by her beating. A spiky hot pink leash was clasped to his neck and used to lead him to the rear of the BMW. 

“Put your hands on the boot, and spread your legs.” The gloved fingers stroked his back, then shoulders, she swooped down, pulling the leash, his head jolted back. She inspected the size and shape of his legs, stopping to squeeze his behind. Her gloved hands manoeuvred around to his waist, unbuckling his pants, then slowly sliding them down.

“I know what you want. What you need.”

“Y.. ye.. yes.”

“So I’ll give it to you,” the last two buttons of her denim sleeveless coat came undone, and a long solid object appeared in her hand as an extension of her crotch. She ripped his underwear exposing his bare, hairy ass. 

“Please, do it!”

“Begging, good boy.” She trailed her nails inside the gloves over his buttocks, up his back, then halfway, the hand hastily dug into the nape of neck and slammed his entire upper body on the rear of the car. Hard and cold, right above his asshole, and every time she yanked the chain, the object would oscillate sharply. 

“Stop panting like a bitch in heat!”

The strap she was wearing slid in sturdily. Toes, ass, and hands, all clenched then slowly relaxed. 

“Deeper… and deeper…”

She rocked rhythmically. Sensually.

“That’s it, I want you to take it like a bitch…”

He gasped and shook with every entrance. His eyes closing in relaxation and then opening in disbelief that she had managed to get him into this position. How was she so powerful? How was she so convincing? This was a kidnap but it was everything he had wanted!

His arms spread to clutch the body of the car.

“Do not touch my vehicle!”

She grabs his wrists and held them behind his back, steadying herself to enter him more deeply.

He stiffled his yelps.

Her rhythm now intensifying… quickening… The strap met no resistance. This bitch was loving it, but he was loving it too much. His yelps turned into moans that were getting louder and louder. She could sense how close he was as the energy in his legs almost leaving completely.

That meant it was time to stop.

A thud hit the gravel roadside as his body slid off the boot, resting in foetal position.

“Your hour is up.”

Lick a sack of potatoes, he was dragged along the dirt and loaded back into the passenger’s seat. With the same reckless abandon, she curved and bent her fast and shiny toy all the way back into the city. 

“See you next week.” She said sweetly, pulling back the passenger door, having temporarily parked at the one way road detour earlier. She sped off after pushing him out, still hooded and tied up. “Let’s see how he manages to get out of that one”, mused to herself…

Image credit: London Hughes

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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  1. Submissive Sam says:

    Ooohh this sounds like so much fun, I’d love to serve like this.

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