FANTASY: Toes and Panties; The only fun that’s allowed is the one of his Mistress

toes and panties

“Surprisingly, that outfit looks better on you than me, figure that?”

He nodded, steadying his breath, sitting still next to her.

“Yesterday I practically ran a marathon. A friend invited me to hike in the morning, and it’s not my favourite thing but I love her. We had nuts, sunscreen, caps and were ready to go against the sun and conquer a trail. It was so much fun, and then she insisted we book into a sauna house just to relax the muscles. She’s so thoughtful, don’t you think?”

He nodded once more, imagining her full figure in workout shorts and a sports bra, staunch calves throbbing with every climb.

“So I freshened up and treated myself to a late brunch at Drunk Duck. I ordered a breakfast skillet of cheesy bacon and egg hash with a refreshing Papaya cooler, mmmm it tasted so good! I also insisted on being served a raw papaya, something about that soft orange flesh and alien-like black seeds intrigues me, you know? Then I headed to Raw Farmer’s Market to grab some sardine pasta for dinner, yum! I’m actually not a fan of pasta to be honest; the slurping and gulping, bit much, right?”

He nodded again, this time inhaling deeply, letting the aromas of bacon, papaya and sardines fill his brain.

“Then I received a message for Apex at 11pm. Yes, I needed to dance! So I replied to my friend ‘You’re on.’ This gave me about 3 hours to prepare dinner, and then myself for a good night out. I was so up for it, I am always up for it.”

He didn’t nod this time, just widened his gaze and allowed the surge to raise his nipples and cock. He sank deeper into the couch.

“Are you hungry? I am. I’m certain I have garlic sticks. You just get comfortable on the couch, and I’ll be right back.” She walked away with her translucent floor length robe trailing behind her.

This was so good, but so bad. Why couldn’t she lightly rub his nipples, in the same way she probably handled and bit into that papaya she’d eaten earlier. He whimpered to himself, flicking his tongue and scrunching his face.

“On your knees, right now and spread them! Get off my couch and get on your knees facing away from me! I’m the only one permitted to have fun here.”

He had gotten too comfortable. He groaned and shrieked with every kick to the crotch. She sat back down on the couch with the plate of garlic sticks on her torso.

“Now turn to face me. Same position”

He obliged, still in visible agony.

“You wanna eat, bon appetit bitch!” She cackled and quaked, and her nipple piercings danced along.

His face scrunched up again, and his eyes rolled back. She flexed and spread her toes into his mouth.

“This is what you came here for, right? For me to use your tongue as a wash rag for my feet and make you wear my lacy, purple, day worn, moistened and delightful undies across your face. The smell is intoxicating and suffocating you. Tell me, how does it feel?”

She asked with a smirk, rubbing her own bald head, and devouring the garlic sticks just as he was devouring her toes. She switched between the left and the right to penetrate his mouth. Wiping the panties all over his own face, his cock throbbed. He was starting to enjoy this too much.

“I told you I’m the only one permitted to have fun here!”

She kicked him away and he hung his head in shame. Lying back she stared at him while continuing to eat her snack.

“I’m going out. While I’m gone I want you to arrange my panty drawer. I know exactly how many pairs I have and in which colour. If I come back and they are not in order how I want, or there are any missing you know I have no trouble punishing you.”

He nodded, desperately thinking about how to please her, and also how lucky he was to be given such a task. Being able to handle Mistress’s delicate lingerie. What a treat..

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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