FatFemmeFrisky is the Art School Bully you Never Realised You Crave

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I love learning about how different people discover kink. Coming from Ireland, historically a predominantly Catholic country (Thankfully a more diverse society now), sex was not for pleasure but for procreation. I’m always interested in how those from religious backgrounds find their kinks. Kink is often taboo to those who aren’t religious. It’s especially taboo to those who are. This can often make it more exciting to explore. FatFemmeFrisky was brought up in a religious household and part of the ‘shame’ and ‘guilt’ around sex made her that more curious to explore.

Religion made the taboo even more exciting

FatFemmeFrisky fetishised sexual objects from a young age

When it comes to religion shaming and guilting the members of its congregation about sex and kink I find it quite amusing. These stigmas are drilled into our youths from a young age. But do you know what young people love doing? The EXACT thing you told them not to do! Because of her upbringing, FatFemmeFrisky began fetishising sex and the naughtiness of it from a young age. A lot of young religious people find loopholes to disobeying their religious beliefs that can often be kinkier than vanilla sex. Glee features the celibacy club, with the ironic president in season one Quinn, finding out she’s pregnant. That was the horniest group of teens I’ve ever seen in mainstream, happy go lucky, media.

Growing up in the church was that I got a taste of how delicious anguish and self-loathing can be if it is weaponized against someone.


While having phone sex with a young Christian man one evening she found herself getting all hot and bothered. But what she really found hot was his remorse and repentance afterwards. This was when FatFemmeFrisky realised she wasn’t interested in vanilla play. While still virgins, she was discussing kink with another young love. He mentioned heavy degradation, rough body play, watersports, and breathplay. When he asked what she was into, not wanting to seem uncool, she said “Same”. It became a case of the blind leading the blind where most of their knowledge came from porn. During this time FatFemmeFrisky played as a Submissive but quickly learned that she preferred being the one ‘on top’.

FatFemmeFrisky is the art school bully you’ve always longed for

She’ll hang out with you but you WILL do her bidding

Since finding her comfort in kink, FatFemmeFrisky continuously grows from strength to strength. Currently in a ten year FLR with her Cuckold she loves to dominate men and play with them for kicks and for money. We’ve said at FFFBuzz time and time again, the Dominatrix uniform doesn’t have to be all leather and latex. It’s sexy, but it’s not everyone’s kink and if we all wore the same thing it’d be very boring. FatFemmeFrisky describes herself as an “Art School Bully”. She seems friendly, you can hang out with her, she definitely has a creative side, but her sadistic will come out. She takes limits and consent very seriously but she will push them. I highly advise getting in touch with her to explore her creative tasks and sass.

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