FETISH COMMUNITY OUTRAGED: Is Cancer your kink, not my kink, or anybodies kink?

thats not our fetish

Warning – This article may be triggering to cancer patients, cancer sufferers and those who have lost loved ones to cancer.

A storm is brewing on Twitter right now regarding using illnesses such as cancer in kink and fetish.

“Cancer is a condition where cells in a specific part of the body grow and reproduce uncontrollably. The cancerous cells can invade and destroy surrounding healthy tissue, including organs.” NHS UK

“In 2018, an estimated 1,735,350 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States and 609,640 people will die from the disease.” National Cancer Institute

Kink and Fetish is taboo

It is well known that kink includes taboo fetishes for example: Mother’s son fantasy, daddy daughter fantasy, religious play, racial humiliation, homewrecking, rape, blood, urine, faeces and so many more, but where is the line drawn?

This is the tweet we saw what had us talking in the office:

Miss Foxx asks for thoughts on this sensitive issue

There are submissives who want to endure total destruction. Their homes taken away, their partners to leave them, and even want their lives ended by dominatrixes/doms but dominants also have a responsibility to ensure that their submissive knows that this is fantasy role play. Submissives also have a responsibility to themselves, and must know when to stop if play goes too far.

In a dominant and submissive relationship, the dominant at least must be of sound mind. She is responsible for her submissive and must make sure that he/she is protected. And when you are tweeting publicly on Twitter about something as sensitive as this, everybody can see what is going on whether they consent or not.

Hundreds of people have found themselves triggered, (including ourselves with a few of us close to tears) and emotionally vulnerable over the original statement made by Femdomme Princess Fierce, from the USA.

Mistress Scarlet Graves shares her experiences
Goddess Stephh voices her opinion
Miss Sarah Jessica talks about her life
Demon Kitty opens up about her encounter

Some have tried to compare the difference, or even make similarities, between dominatrixes encouraging homelessness and forcing their submissives to forego cancer treatment.

This submissive shares his thoughts

If someone takes their own fetish too far then the responsibility is on them.

But cancer is not a choice.

The line must be drawn

Mental health problems and personal illnesses are not here for us to laugh at, nor are they fetishes. These effect millions of people all over the world every single day and these illnesses are not a joke. They destroy families, children, husbands, wives and lives are lost. The effects are devastating and spread so much further than the immediate family unit. Anyone who has close personal experience with cancer, and is in their right mind, would never fetishise anything like this.

There was a forum thread that appeared in 2004, started by a man who had stumbled across a breast-cancer fetish page.

The site description was listed as follows:

“My fetish is basically described as this: Young, beautiful women who somehow develop breast cancer. The excitement from this comes from the fact I believe the best erotic stories give a strong emotional reaction, especially tragedy. To me, there is no greater tragedy than a young, beautiful woman with cancer in her breasts. I Know breast cancer is a terrible disease, and I certainly don’t wish it on anyone and I hope it can someday be completely cured. But it’s terrible nature is the very thing that excites me. Thinking about a gorgeous, perfect women developing a cancerous lump, and it destroying her body and her life, elicits such sorrow and emotion from me that the reaction actually causes sexual stimulation.”

He describes his reaction as emotional, as a lot of people would have the same response to other fetishes. However as mentioned above, fetishes and the exploration fetishes, does require an amount of responsibility.

So anyone who fetishises cancer needs to seriously make sure that any taboo kink as triggering as this is practiced in a safe, sane and consensual environment and not on Twitter.

fuck cancer
Fuck Cancer artwork

Do you agree or disagree? What do you think about the original tweet? Do you have any fetishes for illnesses or anything equally as sensitive? Comments are welcome below.

If you have been affected by this article or would like to make a donation to Cancer research companies, please see the links below:

Cancer.org, USA – cancer.org/involved/donate.html

Cancer Research, USA cancerresearch.org/join-the-cause/donate

Prevent Cancer.org, USA preventcancer.org/

World Cancer Research Fund International wcrf.org/int/donate

Macmillan.org.uk, UK macmillan.org.uk/donate

Fuck Cancer, USA and Canada https://www.letsfcancer.com/

Cancer Research, UK cancerresearchuk.org/get-involved/donate

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

6 responses to “FETISH COMMUNITY OUTRAGED: Is Cancer your kink, not my kink, or anybodies kink?”

  1. Yeah, I don’t know how anyone can defend this shit. Going to that length to emphasise your ‘bratty’ characteristics is just sick. Tryna sound hardcore, but ended up exposing herself as a terrible person. As for the breast cancer guy, just wtf?

  2. Leesha Lacey says:

    This is disgusting. Never mind your “persona” this is NOT ok to joke about. And if it’s not a joke then I’m even more outraged. Does anyone know has this account been reported? They need to be made realise that this is not ok!

  3. What upset Me the most was the few people saying it was a “joke” or “satire”. There’s nothing funny about watching your family member die of Cancer infront of you like I did.

  4. Goddess Maxine says:

    I understand fetish is taboo and can be close to the bone but why would anybody say something like this so openly? It’s very bizarre. Keep it behind closed doors on behind a private Twitter account you know.

  5. i was disgusted when I saw that tweet and i’m glad so many people spoke up about it. I lost my play partner to cancer and seeing that really upset me. watching her suffer hurt a lot and this just brought back all the terrible memories 🙁

  6. Great article, I think maybe you missed the point where she’s done this deliberately to gain attention, Not that it makes it any better. Worse in fact

    Also as sex workers i think from the vanilla word it tarnishes and makes everyone look bad aswell as the sites that they use to sell their content with. Its no wonder sites lose payment processers when they allow stuff like this on there sites or see people affiliated with there sites posting about it publicly on twitter. Maybe sites should do more to prevent this sort of behaviour?

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